Van Gogh standalone henhouse

Van Gogh

Suitable for 8-9 bantam chickens or 7-8 full size chickens (depends on protected area)
Length: 62" / Width: 31" / Highest point: 66"

The Van Gogh offers great functionality and is based on the Welsum. This is our largest standard house and looks beautiful with natural stain or in other color combinations. The chicken door can be closed down with the string on the outside, so that the house can be locked at night for additional protection.

van gogh in santa fe red stain

Stunning Santa Fe color stain with white trim paint! perfect combo of old world style
and new world color scheme - do you see the chicken?

Note: Bantam chickens are one third to a half the size of regular chickens. They lay smaller eggs which are sometimes considered more flavorful. In many cases bantam and full-size chickens get along well, especially when raised together from chicks.

Holland Hen Houses is based in Mill Valley in the San Francisco Bay area and uses Holland design concepts and knowledge of chickens to develop hen houses for the US market. All products are built in a 100 mile radius of San Francisco.