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Step Up To EarthLink Cable. Internet At The Speed Of Life.
  • Do more with cable Internet service up to 100.0 Mbps
  • Wow! Connect 350x faster than dial-up access**
  • Enjoy instant high speed cable Internet every time
  • No busy signals with your cable Internet access
  • FREE protection from viruses, spyware & hackers
  • FREE 24/7 phone support from cable Internet experts
  • FREE dial-up to use away from home (20 hrs./mo)
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Blazing Cable speed as low as $29.95/mo
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Where is EarthLink Cable Internet service available?
We offer High Speed Cable Internet access nationwide. Simply enter your address and phone number on the main Cable or Internet Access page of this site, and we'll confirm availability and pricing in your area. Even if Cable isn't available, you may still qualify for one of our other broadband Internet services, such as High Speed DSL.

What cable access speeds are available in my area?
We offer broadband cable Internet plans with a wide range of speeds, from 768Kbps to 20Mbps (that's from 13x to 350x faster than Dial-Up). But not all plans/speeds are available in all areas. Enter your information on our main Cable overview page to learn your cable Internet connection options.

Do I need to have cable TV to get EarthLink High Speed Cable Internet services?
No. There is no need to have cable TV to get cable Internet service, but you do need to be serviceable by your local cable TV company. Enter your address and phone number on the main Cable or Internet Access comparison page of this site, and we'll let you know if you are serviceable.

Do I need any special equipment?
Yes, but we will supply a cable modem and everything else you need during installation.*

If I already have a high-speed cable modem, can I use it?
A high speed cable modem is provided at the time of installation.* You may be able to use your own modem (one that you purchased or one that you used with a former ISP). Please contact your area's cable provider to verify this.

Can I install your High Speed Cable myself?
In most cases, professional installation is provided at no additional charge. However, there are certain regions that do charge a professional installation fee (i.e. Comcast New England). You may be able to install the service yourself. When scheduling installation with your cable provider, ask if the self-installation option is available.

Do you have technical support if I need help getting started?
Yes. Our installation pros will make sure you are up and running with a high speed Internet connection before they leave your home and should be able to answer any question you have. If you need any additional help after that, we offer free 24/7 phone support, plus online self-help, and support by email or chat. Visit our Support Center for all your options.

If I'm upgrading from EarthLink Dial-Up, can I keep my email address and software?
Yes. It couldn't be easier for current EarthLink Dial-Up members like you to upgrade to High Speed Cable Internet service. You don't have to change email addresses, your myEarthLink start page stays the same, and you can keep using all the same EarthLink software.

If I'm switching from another ISP, will I lose my email contact information?
No. EarthLink Web Mail makes it easy to import contacts from other programs.


How fast is EarthLink High Speed Cable Internet?
We offer our Cable access plans with a wide range of broadband Internet speeds, from 768Kbps to 15Mbps. But not all Internet access speeds are available in all areas. Enter your information on our main Cable Internet page to learn your speed options.

How much faster is EarthLink High Speed Cable than Dial-Up?
Our broadband Cable Internet access plans range from 13x to 250x faster than a typical 56K dial-up connection. Here are specific comparisons for some of our most popular plans:

  • 3.0Mbps Cable ― 55x faster than dial-up
  • 6.0Mbps Cable ― 100x faster than dial-up
  • 7.0Mbps Cable ― 125x faster than dial-up
  • 10.0Mbps Cable ― 175x faster than dial-up
  • 15.0Mbps Cable ― 250x faster than dial-up
  • 20.0Mbps Cable ― 350x faster than dial-up

What can I do with all that speed?
You'll get much more done in much less time. You'll use your Internet connection to do more things. You experience fewer headaches and frustrations. Bottom line: you'll have a lot more fun. For example:

With a 6.0Mbps EarthLink Cable Internet access, you could download 48 digital photos in 1 minute. That would take you about 1 hr. 40 minutes using dial-up. Bet you could put that extra 1hr. 39 minutes to good use, couldn't you?

You'll get the same kind of time-saving benefit downloading music or software, doing online research or shopping, and more. You'll also have a much better experience watching online video and playing online games. Plus, you'll be able to do things like set up a home network to share one high-speed connection on all your computers and use Internet-powered home phone services like Vonage or Skype to save money.

Will I connect to the Internet instantly?
Yes. Your EarthLink High Speed Cable modem gives you instant broadband connections and instant gratification, with no dialing in, no waiting, no busy signals. High-speed Internet access is always available for you at a moment's notice. Because you never know when you'll need to look something up or when you'll have that YouTube urge strike you.

Can I access the Internet if I'm on the road?
Yes. All EarthLink High Speed Internet plans come with free dial-up access (up to 20 hours per month) for you to use away from home. And EarthLink has thousands of toll-free local Internet access numbers for you to use.

Can I use EarthLink Cable on all my home computers? Can I set up a home network?
Yes, that's one of the big benefits you get with a high-speed connection. EarthLink Home Networking lets you share one high-speed Internet connection on all your home computers, as well as share files, printers, and peripherals. And with the free wireless equipment that comes with EarthLink Home Networking, you can enjoy high-speed access as you move around your home with a laptop, even connecting from the front porch or backyard. Plus, our support experts can help you get your network set up properly and provide assistance whenever you need it.


Can I watch TV and use my High Speed Cable service at the same time?
Yes. Our broadband Cable Internet service does not interfere with your cable TV at all. Your family can even watch multiple TVs and use your high-speed Internet connection at the same time.

Who provides the service, EarthLink or my cable TV provider?
Both. Your cable provider provides a portion of the network that EarthLink High Speed Cable uses to deliver broadband Internet access to your home. EarthLink provides the other portion of the network and all the services. EarthLink has been a leading cable Internet provider (ISP) since 1997.

Who will I receive a bill from—EarthLink or my cable provider?
To simplify billing, you will be billed by your cable provider. Your monthly cable bill will show charges for your EarthLink High Speed Internet service.


What are the minimum computer requirements for High Speed Cable?
  • Windows® 98 and later
  • Primary computer with an existing Ethernet connection and Network Interface Card (these are standard on most computers)
  • Pentium 200 MHz or higher; 233 MHz recommended for XP machines
  • 64MB RAM
  • 115MB free disk space

What free security do I get with my EarthLink subscription?
Your online security is important to us. That's why we offer all our Internet access subscribers a free all-in-one security suite: EarthLink Protection Control Center®. With this one powerful and easy-to-use program you get comprehensive protection against the full range of online threats: viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, bots, rootkits, hackers, online scams, and all the other bad stuff that's out there.

We're verifying the EarthLink high speed services available in your area. This will only take a few more moments.


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