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HughesNet Gen4
No DSL or Cable in your area? Get HughesNet® Satellite Internet.

What you'll love about HughesNet Satellite Internet:

  • Faster speeds up to 15 Mbps *
  • Larger data allowance (up to 50 GB per month)
  • No phone line needed — no missed calls,
    no dialing in
  • Available where you live right now
  • Enjoy streaming video, music and more



What is High Speed Satellite Internet?
High-speed satellite Internet access service is a broadband alternative to DSL and cable Internet access. Your high speed Internet connection is via a satellite rather than the wires or coaxial cable that is used for DSL and cable broadband services. We offer a 2-way satellite Internet service powered by HughesNet, so you'll get a high-speed connection when you are downloading and uploading.

What does 2-way satellite Internet service mean?
2-way satellite Internet means a better overall high-speed experience for you, because data is both downloaded from and uploaded to the satellite from your location. Some satellite Internet systems are 1-way systems (download via satellite, but upload via your telephone line through a dial-up modem). The 1-way systems have a slower uploading process, and it ties up your phone line when you're on the Internet. HughesNet's 2-way satellite Internet access means faster uploads, an instant super-fast connection, and no busy signals. That's one of the reasons that HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for broadband by satellite.

What are the key benefits of Broadband Satellite Internet?

  • Nationwide availability—goes where DSL and cable can't
  • Surf the Net and leave your telephone free for calls
  • An instant, high-speed Internet connection
  • Two-way satellite access
  • Highly reliable and secure connection
  • A satellite Internet provider you can trust, with years of experience

Can I use Satellite Internet for my business?
High Speed Satellite Internet access is intended for residential consumer use, including: Web surfing, email, instant messaging, file downloads, and streaming audio/video on a single computer.

This Satellite Internet service is not supported for commercial/business applications, including: Networking, Web hosting, remote telnet access, VPN, or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).


How fast will my broadband satellite Internet connection be?
Depending on the plan you choose, download speeds range from up to 1Mbps to up to 5.0Mbps. Upload speeds range from 128Kbps to 300Kbps. Top download speeds are 90x faster than a 56K dial-up modem. Data uploads via satellite are from 2x to 6x faster than dial-up modem, all without tying up your phone line. HughesNet offers a "best effort" service. That means they will always do their best to provide you with the fastest broadband connection possible. Call us at 1-800-EARTHLINK and we can let you know which plans and speeds are available in your area.

How much faster is High Speed Satellite than Dial-Up?
Several plans are available. The fastest offers Internet connection speeds up to 90x faster than a typical 56K dial-up connection. That's as fast as most cable services, and faster than many heavily promoted DSL services. And believe us, you really will notice a very big difference compared to dial-up.

What can I do with that extra speed?
With satellite Internet speed, you'll get much more done in much less time. You'll use your Internet connection to do more things. You experience fewer headaches and frustrations. Bottom line: you'll have a lot more fun. For example:

With a 5.0Mbps Satellite Internet connection, you can download 38 digital photos in 1 minute. That would take you about 18 minutes using dial-up.

You'll get the same kind of time-saving benefit downloading music or software, doing online research or shopping, and more. You'll also have a much better experience watching online video and playing online games.

Will I connect to the Internet instantly?
Yes. You'll enjoy instant high-speed satellite connections and instant gratification, with no dialing in, no waiting, no busy signals. It's always available for you at a moment's notice. Because you never know when you'll need to look something up or when you'll have that YouTube urge strike you.


Where is Satellite Internet available?
Broadband satellite Internet powered by HughesNet is available nationwide. Internet via satellite is a great solution for more rural areas where Cable and DSL Internet connections are not available. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to receive the satellite signal (and if you live in an apartment or condo, you need permission to mount a satellite dish on the property).

Can you explain the installation process for Satellite?

1. Scheduling installation
Your installer will contact you within 5 business days from the time you placed your order for High Speed Satellite Internet, powered by HughesNet. If you have any problems scheduling or coordinating an installation, please contact HughesNet at 1-866-293-8948

2. Special approvals required for installation
The installation of the High Speed Satellite Internet dish is protected by federal law by the Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule. If you do not own the property where High Speed Satellite Internet will be installed, you will be responsible for any and all required approvals from the property owner. The installation technician will assume that any necessary approvals and permits have been secured before the scheduled appointment.

3. What the installer will do during installation

  • Perform a site survey to find the best location for the dish and to determine if any nonstandard installation fees will be involved (please see below). If additional fees are necessary, the installer will provide you with a checklist or invoice detailing those charges before doing the work.
  • Mount and point the dish, as well as perform an FCC-required cross-polarization test. This test is to ensure that the transmitter on your satellite dish is not interfering with any other electronic devices.
  • Run two cables from your satellite dish to a new wall jack in your home.
  • Confirm the signal strength at your new wall jack.
  • Connect your computer to the hardware.
  • Commission the modem for service and confirm the connection.

4. What is included and not included in standard installation

Included in standard installation NOT included in standard installation (may be available for additional charges)
The hardware necessary to mount and ground the dish antenna at least 5 feet off the ground (as required by FCC regulations) using the standard roof and/or wall-mounting brackets. If there is no appropriate place on your home for the system to be installed, the installer may need to mount your dish on a pole in the ground. The "ground mounting" fee includes a pole mount and 25 feet of cable trenching to bury the cable in soft ground between the pole and your home. Hard ground (i.e., frozen ground, numerous roots, clay, gravel) can be an additional charge.
Mounting the dish antenna on an outside wall, first-level roof, or other approved structure using standard roof/wall-mounting brackets. Your dish antenna will not be mounted on building materials that cannot support the product, such as stucco, aluminum, or vinyl siding. Roof mounts on structures taller than one story and/or use of a non-penetrating roof mount.
Running the cables along an exterior wall to a single point of entry into the customer premise. Custom work including, but not limited to, placing the cables in molding or cosmetic hardware to help hide cables and fishing the cable through interior walls.
Installation of up to 100 feet of standard RG6 coaxial cable between the satellite dish and your PC. This may vary if a ground mount is needed. There will be a charge for each additional foot of cable. If the cable run is greater than 150 feet, a signal amplifier will be needed.
Driving distances up to 35 miles (one way) to the job. Driving distances over 35 miles (one way) to the job.
Installation of one wall jack (for 2 coaxial cables) Installation of more than one coaxial cable jack.
Installation of the modems and connect them to your PC. Any computer work including, but not limited to, repair, setup, or networking.
Conducting a cross-polarization test of the hardware and using the installer's laptop to verify that there is a signal being received at the wall jack in your home. Removal and/or repair of preexisting satellite equipment.

Additional charges during installation
If additional fees are necessary, you will pay the installer directly. The installer is only contracted to perform a standard installation.

Is self-installation available for High Speed Satellite Internet?
No. FCC regulations for installing the dish and pointing the antenna are very stringent and, therefore, must be professionally installed by an FCC-certified installation technician. The Federal Communications Commission Radio Station Authorization, file number SES-MOD-20010205-00298, defines federal regulations for the installation and activation of two-way satellite Internet access devices.

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