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Rob Lowe tells James Corden to 'F*** off'
Television 4 hours ago
James Corden made J.K. Simmons and Rob Lowe answer weird questions about birds until they were so fed up they cussed him out via cue card. Elsewhere in late night, Lin-Manuel Miranda showed off his freestyling skills, John Leguizamo recalled the time he bumped into Donald Trump at the club, and Kristen Chenoweth gave the Game of Thrones theme song a makeover.
Skull-like Hurricane Matthew is spooking everybody
Weird 40 minutes ago
A satellite image of Hurricane Matthew is making headlines as many see a human skull in its path.
Disney hunts for a Chinese actress to play Mulan
Movies 3 hours ago
Walt Disney Studios confirmed that a live-action remake of the classic 1998 animated film is coming to theatres in 2018. As fans urge Disney to feature a cast that stays true to the story, it's up to the House of Mouse to find the perfect Chinese actress to play Mulan.

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Thanks , this is gonna be fun

. and i r releasing 7 music videos today. {1} > < {Butterfly} ... gonna post them individually now:

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