Welcome to the L.E.Eeman Archive website.

Dedicated to the late Leon Ernest Eeman and his pioneering work and research.
Eeman's work touches on many different aspects of our human reality, his most famous discovery was that of the bi-polar nature of man and his experiments and treatments in relation to this polarity theory.

The goal and purpose of this place is to offer what is available of Eeman's writings to the public,
as most of it is very difficult to find and his legacy, sadly, almost forgotten.
The Archive Files include all of his lectures, including his "Interim report after Thirty-Five years of Research",
as well as Eric F.W. Powells "Healing by Auto-Induction..." and much more.
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The website also contains a historical photograph of Eeman that has never been seen before,
it can be viewed in the Biography section.
To my knowledge only two photographs still exist of Eeman, the one presented here for the first time,
and the one shown on the cover of Tom Brown's "The L.E.Eeman Report" (Bordeland Sciences).

I need to express my appreciation to the following people, without their kind help this website would not be what it is today:

Helen Lamb of The British Society of Dowsers.
For providing many of Eeman's lectures from their archives.

Alejandro Colodro.
For scanning and digitizing both Co-Operative Healing and Technique of Conscious Evolution.

Leslie Patten, author of "Biocircuits: Amazing New Tools for Energy Health".
For her patience and kind advice through my investigations.

John Grech of www.66squadron.co.uk
For providing the rare picture of Eeman we now have here.

Thank you all.

And to all the visitors and readers:

May health and happiness be bestowed upon you!

Cesco Soggiu

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