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MYERS–California Primary Results

June 8th, 2016
MYERS–California Primary Results

J.R. Myers running in yesterday’s June 7, 2016 California Presidential Primary placed fourth out of seven candidates seeking the nod of the American Independent Party.

While it may seem out of place to be reporting the California Primary results under Idaho State News, the California primary results do have at least an indirect impact on our Idaho party.  In Idaho, Mr. Myers is running mate of Scott Copeland in 2016.

Our readers recall that Mr. Copeland won the March 2016 Idaho Primary; Mr. Myers was runner up.  Following the unfolding of events at the national convention at Salt Lake in April, Mr. Myers teamed up with the Copeland campaign to run in Idaho.  Mr. Copeland continues to hold CP-Idaho’s national delegates.

While not the ultimate victor yesterday in the California AIP contest, , Mr. Myers still merits our compliments.  he placed well the California primary–13% of the ballot in a field of seven contestants.  Nothing is a better teacher than hands-on training.  By competing in California’s primary, Mr. Myers is developing and improving his campaign skills and expertise.

We welcome Mr. Myers to return to Idaho, and CP-Idaho looks forward to him exercising his newly honed public campaign skills here in the Gem State this summer.  Mr. Myers’ presence in Idaho can only serve to enhance the direct voter outreach work by our state party…which is to say we are “doing” registered base canvassing, rather than just talking about doing campaign work.  Kudos to the tenacious Mr. Myers.

Here are the California statewide results for the AIP race:

American Independent Party

June 7, 2016 California Presidential Primary




Wiley Drake 3,813 12.8%
Arthur Harris 5,186 17.4%
James Hedges 3,223 10.8%
Thomas Hoefling 2,925 9.8%
J.R. Myers 3,870 13.0%
Robert Ornelas 4,943 16.6%
Alan Spears 5,850 19.6%


One Response To This Post

  1. J.R.Myers Says:

    Results from the Oregon IPO Primary Election should be available next week. Later, in July or August, the IPO and the AIP CA and National AIP will officially choose their POTUS & VP nominees. Thanks to all of you across the country who have supported my campaign. To date, I have received more public primary votes (+4,009) in more states (3 – ID, OR, CA) than any other current or former CP candidate. I look forward to the remainder of the campaign(s)!