Hair Replacement for Men

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Men generally start losing their hair as young as eighteen years of age and so require hair replacement systems for men.

The hair initially starts to thin at the crown and generally progress to the front hairline, or start receding from the front hairline and progress towards the crown.

Because of the DHT carried in the body via large amounts of testosterone, the follicle narrows and eventually and eventually goes completely.

This means that hair loss starts by the hair visibly thinning (follicle narrowing) and then the hair falls out and stops growing altogether (Follicle dies).

Hair replacement for men is very popular.

Hair systems are made to be attached to the thinning or hair loss area of the head.

Systems are made from synthetic or human hair.

Synthetic do not look that natural and only last a short while.

Human hair systems for men are a lot more natural and can last a year. The hair used is from China, India or Europe. Normally you would try to use hair whereby the texture best suits the mans own hair.

Bases a mans hair replacement system is made from French lace or a PU skin.

French lace is very natural, lightweight and allows the scalp to breath. The only negative is that against a scalp, you will not get the perfect blend of scalp and is harder to adhere to the scalp. Therefore the system will have PU edging around it allowing for a perfect adhering to the scalp. This system is particularly good when the man has a little hair or has a sensitive scalp.

The other base used is a very thin PU material “Bio Scalp”. This system is very thin. natural and lightweight.

This Mans Hair Replacement system can only be used on areas of complete hair loss. It is particularly beneficial for when you want to brush your hair back from the front hairline (exposed hairline)

With the lace system, it is necessary to add a lace frontal if the man has no hair at the front hairline. This will enable the wearer to brush the hair back off the face( exposed hairline).

The various ways of attaching the system to the head are clips for daily use, tape and/or glue for attaching about 3 weeks at a time or the unique GLH system, “The Link System.

This method is particularly good as there is no need for adhesives and the wearer of this hair replacement for men system can stay attached for 6 weeks at a time.

Undetectable Hair Loss Solutions


Great Looking Hair – the specialist hair loss clinic in Watford,greater London – is introducing a revolutionary new hair replacement system which as well as being almost undetectable also provides the wearer with a much more comfortable solution.

Using the latest technology to address hair loss areas in both men and women Great Looking Hair has developed, “Hair by Hair Perma Skin”.an incredible new system creating “new” hair, totally undetectable and natural looking.


Spa Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy Testimonial

I have been losing my hair by handfuls when shampooing my hair.
My wife is a journalist and had about the treatment to make my hair re-grow at the GLH Hair Centre.
I went for a consultation with the owner, Simon and he patiently took me through the whole treatment of Spa Hair Re growth Therapy, which he explained in great detail.
I started my treatment in early January and I must say I am very pleased with the initial results in that my hair has stopped falling out.
As the treatment takes up to a year, I am looking forward to seeing results at the end of my treatment.
Neil G

Hair therapy does not have to be expensive

I have balding area on my crown and receding temples.
I went to Advanced Studios who wanted to shave my thinning hair and then glue a hair system on and charge me £1800. I was horrified.
I found GLH Hair Centre on the internet.
Simon gave me a free consultation and explained how he would make a system for my crown, attaching with his Link System, and then a small piece for my front hairline.
The total price was less than half I was quoted from Advanced Studio and more natural.
I also have every 2 weeks His Spa Hair Regrowth therapy and my hair has stopped further hair loss after only 2 months and now I hope to see new hair growth shortly.
I am really pleased my visit to Simon’s salon has been such a success.
Seth J



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