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    Instant Tooke Porridge


    Instant Tooke flour is pre-cooked and thus a perfect product in the preparation of soups and porridges.


    Instant Tooke porridge is easily digestible since it is processed from pre-cooked banana flour. Thus a child gets

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    Raw Tooke Flour


    Taste and Texture
    Matooke-a green banana has limited taste. When the Raw Tooke banana flour is added to your confectionery creation, it imparts a natural, wholesome flavor taste to the final baked product. Raw Tooke

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    Tooke Biscuits


    These are processed from a blend of Raw Tooke-wheat composite flours. They have a flavorful, crispy taste and a tantalizing melt in the mouth as a result of the raw Tooke flour base added

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    Tooke Flakes


    Tooke flakes are produced through drum-drying matooke pulp. The flakes are the most convenient form for enjoying an instant meal with a taste that matches that of the traditional matooke meal.