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Why Tooke Products

Why Tooke Products?

The products under the Tooke brand come to you as a Gift of Nature from the “Pearl of Africa”-Uganda.

Product Category

Our Chef Says... Cooking everything with Tooke will lead to amazing tasting experiences

Featured Products

Featured Products

    Season Special

    Seasons Special

    Its rainy season again and its time to indulge in some lip smacking snacks. Here are some monsoon recipes for your help
    Instant Tooke Porridge
    Instant Tooke Porridge
    Instant Tooke flour is pre-cooked and thus a perfect
    Tooke Biscuits
    Tooke Biscuits
    These are processed from a blend of Raw Tooke-wheat

    our chefs

    Our Chefs

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    Plot 26A Lumumba Avenue,
    P.O Box 37547 Kampala,
    +256-312-246 600