National Rail Enquiries announces a new app for iPhone & Android

National Rail Enquiries for Android and iPhone

I’ve got some exciting news! For the last few months the team have been working on an exciting project to bring all the best bits of National Rail Enquiries onto your smartphone. Today, I’m delighted to announce that National Rail Enquiries for Android& iPhone have been launched in the Google Play Store & App Store.

In this first issue of the apps we have a host of great tools which I hope will make your travelling by train a bit easier. Key features include –

  • In app alerting – you can subscribe to be told when your train is >5 mins late (or other preferences you choose.
  • Or why not pin your train? If you pin a train it will stay on your home screen throughout the train’s journey, no more having to hunt the train down via the live arrivals board.

As you’d expect you can also do your journey plans and live departure queries and it uses the same great information that’s available via our website and other channels.

Detailed train arrival / departure informationNational Rail Enquiries is funded by the train operating companies, who are in turn funded by you the traveller. It was therefore important that we put together the project using the most cost-efficient model. The apps are available in an ad-supported free version, or you can upgrade for a one-off charge to an ad-free version. We will continue to provide our information feeds to our existing licencees so any other apps you’ve downloaded in the past will continue to work. For information about licencing our information, please see this page on our website.

More info on these apps is available on our website.

We’d love to hear what you think of the app, and have incorporated a feedback form into our Facebook page. In addition, you can also get in touch with us via the Contact Us form on our website.

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  1. Huzzah. Do tell us why you removed data feed licenses from third party apps to make your own, which you sold for £4.99 via Agant, and have now detached from to release your own free app?

      • I understand that this app is now being promoted separately as the ‘Agant’ app, but originally it was marketed as the ‘Official’ NRE app, so for those of us who paid a (substantial) £5 for that in the past year (or previously), being asked to pay again for what appears to effectively be an update to the same appears unreasonable and disingenuous. I accept that the data is still being provided to this app, but at the time it was advertised as the official app so it would seem reasonable to expect it to be equivalent to this.

        • Hi Luke, we’re offering this app as a free ad-supported alternative to the existing licenced apps, there is an alternate option to upgrade to an ad-free version. Or you can continue to use any of the 3rd party apps which we will supply our information feeds to.

  2. Will you be supporting other mobile platforms in the future, such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian?

  3. Great news. Sadly, I learned after going through several steps in the Google option that ‘this app is not compatible with your phone’ (a Motorola Defy). Can you help?

  4. I think forcing Agant to remove the old icon [that is the famous BR icon which you are now using for your app] was abusing your position. It was only 3 and bit years ago when the Agant app was launched as the ‘official’ National Rail app [and you forced other providers out of the market – remember my rail light? by cutting their data feed]. Well I understood your logic [at the time] that you needed one app to ensure the demands on the server, etc., could be managed. Well since then you have reopened the competition – fair enough – but now you try to undermine the ‘official’ [i.e. the Agant app which was ‘official’ when I bought it] app we all bought with your heavy handed tactics with the logo… it wouldn’t be quite so bad if your app was clearly superior and there was a rationale to migrate users to it – but it isn’t – it is slow [on iPhone 4] and restricts how many ‘favourites’ you can have which makes it much harder to use if your commute involves multiple changes and different potential routes [try Manchester to Leicester to see what I mean].

    Since National Rail Enquiries is funded via rail companies [that means by me as a commuter and as a tax payer] I would have expected you to act in a fairer manner than you have.

  5. My copy frequently fails to load on first attempt. After sitting for a while it offers me the chance to report error which I do. Is this a known problem?

    • Hi Colin, apologies for the delay in responding. Can you tell me what version you’re using – is it Android / iPhone. Also which version of the Operating System you’re using. We’re aware of a problem with users on iPhone5 which we’re working to fix in our next release.

  6. Hi,
    I have the Android App (ver. 2.0.2) installed on a Google (LG) Nexus 4.

    I have selected my journeys to and from work for alerts when there is a delay, however, these alerts are never received. Can you please advise why this may be?

    I cannot see any option for login or customisation of these alerts and so could not fix this myself.

  7. It’s a nice app – I use it a lot, but it lacks a lot of settings that would be really useful.

    1) Start without ‘splash screen’ (because it takes ages)
    2) Change alert sound / volume etc (the train sound is quite cute and everything, but far too loud compared to other notifications)
    3) Turn off any form of location tracking – c’mon, there’s no need to keep tabs on us quite so much, is there?

  8. Running latest version of the National Rail app, on Galaxy S5 which is running “KitKat” operating system. The app no longer works. Once opened, click another “tab” within the app, and nothing happens. Click the bottom “More” tab. A further menu opens, but again pressing any of the tabs does nothing.
    Worked fine on device (HTC OneX) running JellyBean. There have been TWO updates to the app since, and now fails to work (on device running “KitKat”.

    Have mailed National Rail, now waiting for a resolve. Anyone else had this problem??

      • Hi,

        V50119. I have also sent full explanation/dialogue to National Rail Customer Service e-mail centre, communicating with ‘Deepak’.

        V50119 is the latest, on Android, but the same happened with previous app build.

        My device SGS5 KitKat.


        • Hi Kevin,

          I have spoken to the technical team and there is an issue currently with some handsets. It is being looked into urgently and I will update you when I have more information

          • Brilliant (in a strange kind of way!).

            Thanks for keeping me informed, and the acknowledgement that there is a KNOWN issue.

            Thanks for that

            • HiYa,

              Time moves on.. Is there an update to this case yet, please?

              Not heard anything, nor seen any updates, so was wondering?


                • Okay, Thanks for your response, and letting me know. It’s good to be kept informed, which I appreciate.
                  Pity it’s going to take a while, but hopefully there will be a resolve at the end of it.

                  Thank You

  9. This app was the official National Rail app when I bought it. It now no longer works and Agant are not responding to any requests for support, so I have no choice but to buy the same thing for the same exorbitant price (of course I don’t want the ads). Disgusting way to treat people. Why are you not offering the full no ads version of this to people who have already spent £5 on your app only for it to stop working?

  10. Recently upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s and in updating to the app I’m being asked to pay £5 again for the ad free version. I did this a few years ago when on an old iPhone. How do I proceed without paying the one-off charge of £5 again?

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