Utah Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficient Solutions in Ogden and Salt Lake

At Arc Blue Electric we are working toward making the planet a better place to live for all of us and for future generations. We believe that our electrical work is a system that needs to be designed and implemented in a way to reduce power consumption overall, while also exploring alternative ways to produce and transfer power in our projects.


We are currently in the process of growing our alternative energy services to include photo voltaic, wind, and hydro. We can do both grid-tied and battery storage systems. We also work with specialty pv contractors to provide the electrical tie-in for their systems.

Besides offering green services we implement green business practices. Our fleet includes a hybrid vehicle, we recycle nearly all of our own construction waste, and our offices are located in an historic (re-use) building. We also buy blue-sky energy credits to offset our office power usage. We continue to look for new and creative ways to green our business and personal lives.

Tax Incentives For Solar Power