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Ryuk (Death Note)

You can get the complete Ryuk costume here. The key to the Ryuk costume is the unique, black winged outfit, the light blue body paint and the crazy shinigami eyes. They’ll custom-make the costume to fit you.

ryuk death note costume

I am a huge fan of the anime Death Note. (Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet). My favorite character is Ryuk, who is a shinigami (kind of like a demon).  He is funny, powerful, and addicted to apples.

ryuk costume

Check out Light and L cosplay from Death Note.

Alien (The Movie)

If you haven’t seen the original Alien movie you are missing out! The Alien from the Alien movie and the Alien vs Predator series is definitely one of the creepiest creatures of all time. Also, one of the most memorable monsters!

alien movie cosplay

This is  a great cosplay of the Alien “attacking” its prey. It is hard to find a good replica of this costume. But this one is the best available.

Alien movie costume