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Record numbers of salons to date are turning their clients to the Quick Link System of semi permanent extensions by Great Looking Hair, quickly and simply transforming hair to thick, luscious and long.

The Link System creator Simon Beale had always been looking for a superior method that would not damage the hair without depending on the use of glue, heat or chemicals necessary with traditional methods.

Previously a salon owner, with more than 30 years experience in hairdressing and 15 years practical experience in hair extensions, Simon was not convinced he had seen it all With his know-how and understanding he identified the need in the market to move away from these old products, and present something far superior for client satisfaction.

After months of research and development, the Link System was his solution and is capturing the market. Application is simple, using a small flat colour matched link, with crimpers that are user friendly and unique in design to GLH a full head of extensions only takes two hours.


The use of links for hair extensions is by no means unique; however, the Link System designed by Simon Beale the innovator of the range of products has been specially adapted so that the links are not as visible as other link provider’s products and need no special tools apart from the tools provided. The links are inserted and clamped together for a permanent fixture and can also be removed when required.


The Link System Starter Kit is priced competitively at £399, [plus one day optional training £200] 200×18 long hair extensions and links, together with tools, manual and promotional marketing material.

Extensions Q & A

How are the extensions attached?
Extension hair is attached to the client’s hair using the Link System without the need for any potentially damaging glue, heat or solvent. A tiny coloured copper tubular link is used which is hypo-allergenic and will not discolour or rust.

How easy is this system to learn?
It only takes minutes to learn the system and can be perfected with a little practice.

Can I re-use the hair?
Unlike other hair extension systems, yes you can. One of the nice things about this system is that if you keep the hair in for 6 weeks or less, it is re-useable. This is only guaranteed however if the greatest of care is taken and the instructions followed.

How do I choose the colours of the hair extensions?
You should always order 2 or 3 shades different from the client’s hair. It is also suggested that you use a shade or two lighter than the client’s hair in order to give it some highlights.

How long should the extensions stay in for?
If all instructions are followed, the extensions will stay in for a period of 3 to 4 months but it is important that the client is informed of how to look after their extensions to ensure their longest life.

What type of Hair is it?
The hair that we use in the Link System is authentic Human Remy Hair that has had minimal processing. Our system is not available in synthetic fibre as it does not have the durability and versatility as human Hair.

Can I colour the Hair?
Yes. The Hair can be coloured to darken or change the tone by using no more than 2% peroxide.

Can I use straightening Irons or Curling Tongs?
Yes. You can use these without any problems, but you must always use a thermal protector spray.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us, you can email us on

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Great Looking Hair is the place to go for hair extensions. As well as offering all kinds of products including real human hair extensions, Great Looking Hair has an academy which offers a BTEC Level Two Diploma as an online distance learning course. This course can be combined with either a one day or three day programme that is taught at the learning centre and it covers every aspect of hair dressing. These aspects include hair extensions for short hair, micro link hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions.

Services at Great Looking Hair cover hair replacement for both men and women, made to measure wigs and wig repairs. The company understands the importance of good hair and how it can inspire confidence. With this in mind, Great Looking Hair delivers a full range of services that can be used by everyone including children who have suffered hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy treatment.

Human Hair Extensions UK

Human hair extensions can be applied in just 20 minutes and take only 10 minutes to take out. There is no damage to the hair and no use of glue, wax, heat or acetone. A full head of quick link hair extensions is very comfortable and they will last for up to 6 months. For the best human hair extensions in the UK, just look at the website of Great Looking Hair and you will find the answer to your hair problems.

As well as offering all kinds of hair extensions like real human hair extensions, Great Looking Hair has a comprehensive service for scalp and hair care. The resident trichologist offers an holistic approach to hair care and you can get sound advice and information that will help you look after your own hair and hair extensions at home. Additionally, the company supplies the best human hair extensions UK products that look fantastic

Contacting Great Looking Hair for more information about hair extensions is very simple. Browse around the website or ring +44 7949 207848 and you will receive details about all the services available. Or, you can email your enquiry to Realistic hair extensions have never been so easy to accomplish so don’t delay ring, email or call today.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions UK

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