Congratulation to DREXEL Students for achieving outstanding results in May/June 2016 IGCSE Examination. *** ADMISSION GOING ON FOR BANASREE CAMPUS - I (JUNE- JULY SESSION 2016-2017) IN LIMIITED SEATS. A COMPLETE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL IN BANASREE WITH AC AND OTHERS. ***

Examination Body

This is a group of teachers headed by the Principal formed twice every academic session. Just before the Mid-Term and Final Term exams. Their function is to carryout the exams smoothly. It starts its function one month before the exam and ends on the Report Card Day. Their works include:

  • Scrutinizing question papers submitted by the teachers
  • Ensuring photocopy  and filing as per the number of the students on the exam days
  • Exam seat planning and arrangement
  • Distributing exam scripts to the teachers for checking and re-checking
  • Preparing Report Cards, Door Charts and others
  • Delivering Report Cards and Exam Scripts among the parents on the Report Card Day
  • Get in Touch
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