Congratulation to DREXEL Students for achieving outstanding results in May/June 2016 IGCSE Examination. *** ADMISSION GOING ON FOR BANASREE CAMPUS - I (JUNE- JULY SESSION 2016-2017) IN LIMIITED SEATS. A COMPLETE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL IN BANASREE WITH AC AND OTHERS. ***



Good morning, Honorable Principal, Vice Principals, respected teachers and my fellow friends. We are here gathered to celebrate United Nations Day. After the second world war, United Nations Charter signed on 26th June 1945 which was effected from 24 October 1945. Aims of UN are facilitating co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achievement of world peace. There are currently 192 member states.


There are six main bodies of UN. They are formed in order to keep peace and development. The bodies are: The General Assembly, The Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat, The International Court of Justice and The United Nations Trusteeship Council (which is currently  inactive).


UNICEF and UNESCO, these two organizations are working on child education and child heath. UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965 for its activity to provide emergency food and health care to children.


UNESCO is another specialized agency to the UN. Its stated purpose is to contribute peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science and culture.


Thank you.


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