Congratulation to DREXEL Students for achieving outstanding results in May/June 2016 IGCSE Examination. *** ADMISSION GOING ON FOR BANASREE CAMPUS - I (JUNE- JULY SESSION 2016-2017) IN LIMIITED SEATS. A COMPLETE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL IN BANASREE WITH AC AND OTHERS. ***

Holiday and Vacation

School observes all public and other holidays such as Summer, Winter and Ramadan. The holiday list for each year will be handed over to parents at the beginning of the year or at the time of admission. For additional/unforeseen holidays, advance notice will be given. Parents/Guardians are advised to use their discretion during “Hartals” or other emergencies.

Throughout the academic year, school experiences many untoward situations, such as hartal, oborodh, road blockade, etc. Hence, mobile SMS system is introduced for the convenience of parents – through which they are updated about all important school activities.

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