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Traffic Rules

Parents are requested to make sure that on the way to their school the children do not leave their school bags in the boot of the cars but carry with them. In this way they will not have to wait for the driver to take out their bags. This would save time and ensure the smooth flow of traffic and help the children to get to school on time.

Cars should not turn around in front of the school building instead they should drive straight down the road. Parking in front of the school gates is forbidden.

Drivers should move away quickly from the entrance to the school after dropping their charges and should observe the traffic rules. They should also ensure that vehicles are parked in such a manner that they do not impede the flow of traffic i.e. double parking is strictly forbidden.

The school Security Guards and Traffic Wardens have been instructed to ensure that the Traffic Code is observed by all drivers. Drivers should not argue or misbehave with Security Guards and Traffic Wardens since they will only be carrying out their duties. Drivers should also be warned that owners will be informed if they do not observe the Traffic Code peacefully. To minimize the time spent in taking the children off the car (because stopping the car on the road is the main cause of the congestion), cars should be parked on a side road and students must walk to the school gate. Daruan and Ayas will help them.

Car horns should not be used in these residential/educational areas because they serve no purpose except to disturb the neighbours.


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