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I am a logician, a mathematician, and a software engineer. In logic and mathematics I’m interested in fomalising set theoretic techniques, and my pet software project is the Choiceless Grapher, which is written in Common Lisp/Graphviz/bash. I welcome all questions on anything I wrote or might know about, and I am always happy to get comments, suggestions, and corrections.

You can contact me by email: ioanna.m.dimitriou at  gmail dot      com, or dimitri at math dot uni-bonn dot   de, or by leaving a comment anywhere in this site.

CV information:

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I finished my bachelor’s in mathematics (1998-2003). I then went to the ILLC in Amsterdam for my master’s in Logic (2003- 2005) and afterwards I joined the mathematical logic group of Bonn and started working on my PhD which was part of a collaboration project between Bonn, Amsterdam, and New York called “Infinitary combinatorics without the axiom of choice”. I have helped organise conferences and workshops and I have given some talks, both invited and contributed.  After my PhD defense in the end of 2011 I was employed by IMBIE the university clinic of Bonn (2012-2014) as a medical statistician and member of the Study Centre Bonn (SZB). Since then I have been learning more programming languages, and the proof assistant Isabelle. Last winter semester I worked at the mathematical logic group of the University of Bonn formalising NGB set theory with a group of 11 bachelor and master student interns. Since 1999 I teach mathematics,  to high-school, to bachelor’s, and to master’s students.

I’m a native Greek speaker, fluent in English, confident with German, and I can communicate in Spanish, which is my mother’s native tongue (from Chile). I can still understand some basic Dutch.

I know my way around (La)TeX, Common Lisp, Prolog, Haskell, Isabelle, OCaml, Pascal, git, gimp, bash, Graphviz, Python, SAS, SPSS, STATA, HTML code, typo3, and CSS, among others. I’m most confident with Linux and Windows operating systems.

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