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Biomagic Fingerprint. The Leader of Government and Enterprise Biometric Solutions in China.
博迈发布商用指纹识别开发包OpenBio SDK V1.0

OpenBio new development model,one hour of rapid embedded fingerprint technology


 For more rapid and convenient fingerprint embedded applications BioMagic OpenBio series provide the latest development model. Only one hour, it convenient, efficient fingerprint technology will be embedded Various information systems.

博迈发布商用指纹识别开发包OpenBio SDK V1.0

BioMagic Fingerprint launched the series in 2006 along fingerprint application software


 2006, based on the SDK and Social Insurance fingerprinting systemfingerprints etc,BioMagic Fingerprint launched a comprehensive family planning fingerprint system, such as Driver schools, Blood donors, Candidates, and many other candidates applied solutions and products.

博迈发布商用指纹识别开发包OpenBio SDK V1.0

The fingerprint system and Password Manager based on OpenBio


After more than a year of testing and trial, based on Openbio,Bomagic fingerprint was officially Issued Fingerprint Logon System (support 2000/XP) and Password Manager 1.0 ,with the establishment of codes and reasonable to achieve convenience, security network environment.

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OpenBio latest development model

OpenBio Book which is the most comprehensive fingerprint software solution.

Experience of high-quality services with the perfect promotion for the other Social Insurance fingerprinting system.

Understanding how the successful implementation of Jinan Social Insurance Agency.

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