Once one of the most stable and prosperous nations in Africa, Liberia was devastated by civil war. But in 2005 Africa's first female Head of State, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was elected into office. Today the government is working to secure a more prosperous future for all Liberians.

Our partnership with the Liberian government began in 2009. Our Patron Tony Blair provides support at a political level, while our team work within the government to help them grow the economy and reduce poverty. In Liberia we have supported the development of institutional capacity and helped get a number of major infrastructure projects up and running. In 2014 and 2015 we worked with the government to help contain and eradicate Ebola. Now our team is working with government officials to help them deliver inclusive growth through infrastructure development, economic diversification through the development of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, and improving the education system.

Progress is being made. Liberia’s largest hydroelectric power plant is due to produce electricity for the first time this year, since it was destroyed during the war, and major roads are being completed. Plans are in place to develop the cocoa, oil palm, rubber and fish sectors in which the country can compete internationally, to create jobs and support small businesses. In schools, education reforms are focusing on improving learning outcomes for Liberian children and giving the next generation a head start. 


I want to thank the members of the AGI team because they've worked so well with our staff to achieve better results, not only for the presidency but because a well performing presidency enhances the work of all our ministries
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Only just over 1% of Liberians have electricity - find out how AGI is supporting the government to change this.
In Liberia the government has a vital role to play in lifting constraints on the job-creating private sector and in kick starting job-creating industries, an important part of its plan to reduce poverty.
AGI has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Liberian Government to help tackle the Ebola crisis.
Find out how we worked with Liberian public servants to help get the Ebola crisis under control and to plan for a post-crisis recovery.
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Country Head, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia
Governance Associate, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia
Governance Advisor, Liberia

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Four times more people in Monrovia will get electricity once Mount Coffee hydro dam is complete.


Training scholarships were provided for young people as part of President's 150 day plan.


Hundreds of kilometres of road and bridges have been built and repaired with our support.

AGI In Action

Sep 2016

Mr Blair will meet our teams in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea this week to discuss their progress.
5th September 2016
Interesting in working at AGI? Want to learn more about what we do and who we are? Click the link below to download our candidate pack and FAQ.
1st September 2016

Jul 2016


A Minister's view: AGI's impact in Liberia

Liberian Minister of Public Works, W. Gyude Moore, has worked with AGI since we first set up a project in Liberia, and last year he dropped in to speak to us about his experience of working with AGI.
29th July 2016

A Minister's view: On supporting AGI

Liberian Minister of Public Works, W. Gyude Moore, explains why it is important to support AGI's life changing work.
29th July 2016

Jun 2016

The third paper in AGI's Art of delivery series, focuses on the importance of customizing delivery mechanisms to achieve results. It gives an insight into delivery adaptations in some of AGI's partner countries.
27th June 2016

Apr 2016

Nov 2015


Tks to Liberia's Min of Public Works @gyude_moore & @tonyblair_agi for breakfast and great insights on Liberian politics & #Ebola response

13th November 2015

Oct 2015


On philanthropy and development with Howard Buffett and Tony Blair

Watch this video to hear from Mr Buffett, Tony Blair and Emmanuel de Merode, Warden of Virunga National Park in Congo, on Africa's development potential, conservation and philanthropy.
6th October 2015
AGI's patron Tony Blair joined Howard Buffett for a panel discussion at the Newseum in Washington
6th October 2015

Sep 2015


“Recognition of the work of our staff & their government partners” - @NP_Thompson #TSAwards

25th September 2015

To achieve #GlobalGoals developing countries need to be in driving seat, find out why

25th September 2015