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  1. ಪಿನ್ ಮಾಡಿದ ಟ್ವೀಟ್

    NEWS FOR IDIOTS EP10 IS LIVE! This one's on Brexit & Tory leadership race. Watch it for the 5 seconds it's topical!

  2. Lolitics is my Camden comedy club where we smash the Tories with punchlines. Come, Tuesday. Let us cheer you up. £3!

  3. Lolitics on Tuesday is looking extremely tasty. New political jokes from me, comedy titan Nick Revell & feminist powerhouse Elf Lyons. £3!

  4. Amazing that Ken Bone, a man who was still "undecided" about Trump, could turn out to be absolute fucking garbage. No-one could have predic

  5. A new entry in our ongoing series, "No-One Loves A Safe Space More Than Right-Wingers & Mens Rights Activists":

  6. . ur mighty bucket for one doesn't make me feel mighty, but it sure does make me feel lonely! (also it gives me powerful stomach pains)

  7. No-one retweeted this but I think about it about four times a day and every time it makes me laugh far more than it should

  8. when the coffee is okay

  9. This is too sad to even think about

  10. This can't be right though because we were reliably informed we were making this up

  11. Maybe men who harass don't belong around people, idk

  12. "Weird how all these women waited to come forward until they realized they weren't alone, it wasn't their fault, and we might believe them."

  13. . Happy Friday everyone! Your newspaper is a poison on the world & I hope you all feel constant vomit-inducing shame.

  14. end this trash week

  15. Do you remember when racist attacks went up & everyone was chill about it, then Tesco almost ran out of Marmite & everyone was like omg irl

  16. Shut up idiots. Please RT

  17. NEW VIDEO! Two more Super Mario Maker levels by Twitter legend . One great for speedrunning, one infuriating!

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