About the Festival

Crack Theatre Festival is where experimental performance artists come from all over Australia to unleash their wildest ideas.

About The Crack Theatre Festival189400_206448319370426_7181
The Crack Theatre Festival is a part of This Is Not Art, a cultural festival held each year in Newcastle. The Festival is a place to talk, make and work.

From its beginnings as an initiative of the National Young Writers’ Festival in 2007, through gaining independence in 2009 and to the present day, the Festival has become an ever-expanding national contemporary performance festival, presenting a vast range of experimental and inter-disciplinary work.

Free to attend, the Festival supports the development of Australian artists by providing opportunities for discussion and networking, skills development, and performance through the presentation of an annual Festival in Newcastle each year that follows a Talk, Make, Work model. ‘Talk’ refers to the panel series, ‘Make’ to the skills development series and ‘Work’ to the performance showcase by emerging Australian theatre artists and ensembles.

The Festival champions the creation of safe, non-confrontational performance spaces, invading the shopfronts, streets and unused buildings of the Newcastle CBD to create non-traditional theatre spaces where experimental and contemporary art can exist.

Our vision is to foster a feeling of community, with artists supporting each other as peers, encouraging communication and collaboration. Our aim is to promote access, experience and opportunity.

About This is Not Art (TiNA)
This is Not Art (TiNA) is an experimental environment where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institutions. Produced by Octapod in Newcastle since 1998, TiNA has grown to become one of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, creating spaces for artistic collaboration and discovery. Forever responding and evolving, TiNA promotes a vibrant combination of voices that celebrate and seek creative innovation. As a festival of multiple programs presenting dynamic and bold works, TiNA is the sum of its ever-changing parts.