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Friday, June 11, 2010

AtlasPROfilax Reactions

AltasProfilax offers a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Some feel more of the physical, while others sense a combination of all three. Either way, once the atlas is corrected, healing begins immediately, whether felt or not. The first immediate reaction is improved range of motion. Clients feel greater openness turning side to side as if lubricated. The head feels lighter, more erect and supported. The clients can look upward without pain and restriction. The second noticeable improvement is the legs. The shorter leg extends out of the rotated hip and evens in length. This indicates a corrected atlas as well as the release of core muscles in the lower back and pelvis. The client then may experience while lying on the table unwinding of chronic muscular tension in the shoulders, mid and low back and hips. The entire body begins to self correct with an intelligence specific to what the clients needs.

Reactions following treatment are so varied and client specific, it is hard to predict how one may feel. We are all so unique and bring forth a very personal story to the healing session. Most clients come to me as a last resort suffering from chronic symptoms for years. They have literally tried everything under the sun without lasting results.

Over the years, they have become so used to the pain that it seems almost 'normal' to feel this way. So, I never can make assumptions or predict how one may feel after the treatment. However, most clients experience great results, some would even say life altering. There are a few however, that don't feel much of anything despite a successful treatment. This may be due to the severity of the symptoms or the unwillingness of the body to allow the healing to naturally progress.

We all have specific needs and expectations, but I find that the one's that have the greatest results are more open minded to alternatives in health and more allowing to trust the healing process within them. They understand that a healing crisis is a positive sign and that the body is seeking balance and harmony. They are willing to support the atlas work either by their own disciplines or by the help of another therapist. They honor their body's instinctual process to heal and overcome dis-ease and are not discouraged when another layer of trauma is exposed. It takes great vigilance for some to remain optimistic, but ultimately, the ones that evolve to the next level never lose their will to enjoy greater health and abundance.

Some neurological changes may occur such as clearer eye sight, less ringing in the ears, better respiration and digestion. Blood flow has also improved to the brain and this can be witnessed by a change in complexion and a softening of the facial muscles.

The eyes also reveal significant changes in the nervous system. They become brighter and look more vibrant. Once I see this, I know the procedure is in union with the body. It is also common that one feels tired or very relaxed. Many clients feel the urge to nap or rest afterwards. This is a very normal reaction. Sleep is a natural healer and should be honored.

As the pressure has been released from the brain stem, clients feel a rush of energy flowing from the base of the spine up through the crown. Many feel the third eye and heart opening. What has been most interesting is how energy not only moves up and out, but also moves in through the crown, filling the individual with light and a surge of energy. The image that comes to mind is of the pyramids in Egypt, the tip being the crown and drawing from the heavens beams of energy. I have witnessed this personally in a session with great inspiration. In general, patients overwhelmingly admit to an increase of steady energy. This is the beginning of our abundance.

The emotional aspect of the correction can release suppressed fear, grief, anger and joy. It is not uncommon that clients begin to weep as they once again re-experience the pain that has imprisoned them for years. Some feel soothing peace and joy and just start laughing as if a deep union and inner connection has taken place. I feel great satisfaction when clients express this shift from being separated from self to feeling whole again.

In addition, many clients have expressed a profound change in attitude. The little annoying things in life don't bother them as much. They feel more centered, grounded and peaceful.

Meditation improves and deepens, making it easier to access more tranquil states. Some tell me that they are just 'nicer' to their wife or child, with less frustration and reaction. There is a state of equanimity that washes away the tension inside and encourages a stronger appreciation and gratitude for life. What a blessing!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Related Articles

Atlas: Following the Way of Our Bones

The bones in the spine that determine the position of your neck and head are called the atlas. Like Atlas in Greek mythology who held up the world, this atlas holds up the globe that is your head.

An atlas, of course, is also a collection of maps. Maps indicate a path for a journey, and guide one's perspective. They imply potential: A map is used by someone about to embark, or by one who is lost and hopes to find context.

An atlas also signifies the future. Though used in the present, it is the means to orient one toward an eventual destination, a goal.

The spine's atlas orients us, gives us our perspective, and sends us forward into the future. If your chin is up, the horizon before you is wide and open. If down, your horizon is small and narrow.

The atlas of your spine also provides others with a map of who you are. A straight back and chin-up posture indicates strength, confidence, pride and vitality. A stooped posture is read by others as defeat, decline, fear, weakness and helplessness. People are attracted to those who stand up straight and look up. They avoid those who look beaten, helpless and needy.

The map your atlas provides to others is also your own map, the self-fulfilling prophesy of who you are, of what psychological and spiritual territory you inhabit, and of your intended destination. When you straighten up, you show yourself a way forward and include in your view an open and full horizon. You become confident and say 'I am not afraid, I am strong—walk beside me and I will be good company.' When you are slump-shouldered and small, when you curl inward, you say to yourself, 'I am sad and lonely—poor me; I am weak and need to be carried.'

Posture is an expression but also a means. Through mindful posture, we can become how we stand and move forward, we can communicate to others how we should be regarded and treated, and we can attract or repel those around us. This is how we follow the map of our bones.

Chip Ward, co-founder of HEAL Utah, now writes from Torrey. He is the author of Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in the West and Hope's Horizon: Three Visions for Healing the Land.

Monday, June 22, 2009



"You can have six billion people in the dark and a few million of them light a match and everybody can see. You understand? Then when everybody can see, they won't allow things to continue as they are...

You may not realize the part you played in it, but you did it. I'll tell you, some of you are awakening right now and saying, "Well, what can I do more than what I've done?"

I'll tell you: Relax. Breathe. Light your match. Don't get caught up in "what's next" or "how much" or "how hard" or "am I doing it right". I'll tell you, just hold your match and let God love you.

That's all you have to do and these things will be added unto you and you will be put into synchronistic places. You'll be shown the passion for where you should be.

You'll move from place to place. You'll be in the right place at the right time. That's all there is. It's not about grandness or greatness or doing or being. It's just about accepting the love of God in your life and moving from place to place without guilt that you're not doing enough.

Don't be hard on yourselves. Just be in light....That's what you do, dear Lightworker. Do you understand?"

- Kryon

Sylvia Nibley read this quote to us the other day and I thought it to be very appropriate to what we do with AtlasPROfilax® and all the people who have the treatment. We all have the opportunity to awaken to the new energies around us. Bask in the light and love of God.

Thank you and blessings-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

AtlasPROfilax® and Life Coaching a powerful combination

I want to acknowledge the powerful work of the atlas correction procedure. As a life coach, I have the privilege of working with many clients who have had their atlas corrected. One of the key things I notice after the procedure is the clarity individuals experience. There is also a renewed sense of self and access to person's own personal power. Although many times following the procedure many people experience powerful emotions and sometimes even unconcealed memories and fears, there is a keen ability to move through the emotions and develop an even stronger sense of one's own power and ability to know what they want in life. Clients tend to recover and have a more grounded approach to upsets from the past and can actually see the value of the past and how it has benefited who they know themselves to be today.

My own atlas correction has provided me with a sense of self confidence and ability to perform. Because of my own experience and renewal of knowing what is most important to me, my coaching business has doubled. I find a greater sense of peace knowing that I am doing what I have always longed to do in life.

Many thanks for a whole new lease on life.

The Possibility of Love, Honor & Partnership
"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Valid Websites to View

People frequently ask me for different sources of information about AtlasPROfilax®. Here is a list of websites with accurate information regarding the treatment and some of its effects."/"/"/

I will add more when I find them or people can comment on ones they find. I know there is a lot of information out there about AtlasPROfilax®. A great deal of the information out there is credible, but some of it is only assumptions or even untrue. Let's keep an open channel for communication and for our ever expanding awareness.

Remember, when something revolutionary/cutting edge comes to the surface, there may be times when people bump up against their own ideas, knowledge, and even their deepest beliefs. This may challenge someone's own ideas about how the body works. Let us work in cooperation for the betterment of human kind.

Thank you and Blessings-