Do more in an instant.

With the latest watchOS, apps launch instantly and are easier to access. You can choose from a range of watch faces and share your daily activity with friends. The Breathe app helps you stay healthy by taking a moment for yourself every day. And messages are more expressive and delightful. It’s the world’s most loved smartwatch — now with even more to love.

Performance & Navigation Faster access to your favorite apps.

Now apps launch immediately with updated information, so they’re always ready when you are. You can easily get to the app you want by clicking the side button for the Dock. And swiping from the bottom of the watch face reveals Control Center for your most used settings.

Watch Face Fresh faces. And fresh ways to switch them.

Choose from a variety of faces, and customize them with an even bigger selection of useful apps. And now you can switch faces on the fly, so you’ll always have the right one for whatever you’re doing. Start with the Modular face and apps for your workday. Then easily swipe to the Activity face as you head to the gym.

Activity Sharing Share. Compare. Compete.

Share your Activity rings with friends and family for motivation. Compete to see who can close all three rings first. Or let your trainer keep an eye on your daily progress. Get notifications when people finish workouts or earn achievements. Then reply right in Messages with some encouragement or a little smack talk. You can even send your own racing heartbeat with Digital Touch.

Wheelchair Use Fitness for all.

We should all be able to track our fitness. So we optimized the Activity app for wheelchair users, taking into account different pushing techniques for varying speeds and terrain. There are also two wheelchair-specific workouts and a Time to Roll notification.

Workout App Sweat the

Now you can see up to five workout metrics — distance, pace, active calories, heart rate, and elapsed time — all at once, without having to swipe. You can highlight your most important metric, mark segments, and label workouts like Pilates and Boxing. Your Apple Watch even automatically pauses on a run, like at a stoplight, and resumes when you do.

Breathe App Quiet your mind.
Relax your body.

The Breathe app guides you through a series of deep breaths that can help you better manage everyday stress or just experience a few calming moments. Start anytime and let the mesmerizing animation and gentle taps help you focus. See your heart rate when you’re done, and use the Time to Breathe reminders to fit a session into each day.

MessagesSay it with a little flair.
Or a lot.

Set off fireworks. Stick a sticker. Share a secret with invisible ink. You can even reply in your own handwriting or scribble letters on the display and let Apple Watch turn it into text. All your options — including larger emoji, sketches, taps, and your heartbeat — are now in the same place, so you can send and respond to messages faster than ever.

Learn more about Messages in iOS 10

Do even more right from your wrist.

Control your home.

Use the Home app to manage all your HomeKit-enabled devices from your watch. Adjust the lighting, see who’s at the front door, or check your thermostat with a tap.

Automatically call for help.

Press and hold the side button and no matter where you are in the world, SOS initiates a call with local emergency services. SOS can also send a message to quickly alert your emergency contacts.

Pay within apps.

Reload your gift card. Add minutes to your parking meter. Order your favorite takeout meal. Now you can securely pay within apps using Apple Pay — right from your watch.

Unlock your Mac.

While you’re wearing your Apple Watch, your Mac senses when you’re nearby and logs you in automatically. So it’s ready to use as soon as you wake it up.

More for developers.
More for you.

Along with performance enhancements, watchOS version 3 gives developers tools for fitness, graphics, games, and media. So they can create richer apps, and you can enjoy even better experiences.

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