Man stabs 2 pit bulls, kills one, after dogs attack him during walk


3  Updated at 11:22 am, October 17th, 2016 By: staff
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CHUBBUCK — A man stabbed two pit bulls, killing one, after officers said the dogs attacked him while he was walking his pet.

Chubbuck Police were called to Scott St. last week. Witnesses told them a man was walking his sheltie dog on a leash when two unrestrained pit bulls attacked the smaller dog and the owner.

The man attempted to defend himself and his pet by stabbing both pit bulls with his pocket knife, according to authorities.

Animal control officers responded and transported the pit bulls to a veterinarian, according to a Chubbuck Police Department news release. One of the animals died and the other had serious injuries.

Police said the owner of the animal was not on the scene of the attack but was notified of what happened.

The man who was walking his dog and his pet were both injured during the attack. The man has hand injuries and is “shaken up,” according to a news release. The sheltie was treated at a veterinarian and is expected to recover from his injuries.

Police encourage dog owners to either keep their pets in a fenced area or on a leash at all times.

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  • englishcop

    Encourage? How about remind them that it’s the LAW.

  • Dennis Baker

    Get a Pit Bull it will be fun they said.

  • Theresa Thompson

    “Police encourage dog owners to either keep their pets in a fenced area or on a leash at all times.” A concept obviously foreign to most pit owners!