Monthly singing workshops (Saturdays 10:00am-3:30pm) £35

Next workshop: Sat 26. November 2016

Tea/Coffee provided. Bring your own lunch.

There is a myth that only the talented would be considered worthy of voice lessons and so the idea of approaching a teacher is too scary for the humble chorister. These workshops provide singers with the luxury of access to an approachable singing teacher who can answer basic questions and help demystify the process of learning to sing without scaring them half to death (at a fraction of the price)!

Often amateur singers assume it is to be expected that they are exhausted and hoarse at the end of a choir practice. How often do you hear of singers who are too vocally tired after the afternoon 'dress rehearsal' to really enjoy or give their best in the evening performance? Having sung for years without vocal tuition some are ashamed to admit that they have never understood what 'support' really is.

The workshops have been running since 2003 and are designed to allow for students to come to some of the dates but not necessarily commit themselves to all. Missing one or two doesn't mean you can't catch up as the first hour usually covers the basic principles for the benefit of new-comers and revises exercises from previous months. They are fun too, as you may see from the photographs of our informal Showcase concert.

The classes are made up of a wide variety of vocal experience and achievement. While most members are willing to sing alone in front of the class Linda is particularly keen to attract those students who would welcome the chance to observe others learning without being under any pressure to stand up and sing in front of the group themselves. No-one is ever obliged to volunteer to sing. The atmosphere is so friendly and supportive that many surprise themselves by taking the plunge and by doing so learn to conquer their nerves which hugely boosts their confidence.

Workshops will be held on the following Saturdays, at one of the following locations. Click on the links for directions.

Sat 15. Oct 2016Church HallCancelled
Sat 26. Nov 2016Church HallFinal workshop!

For further information please email or ring Linda on 01323 815 738. If you are already on the mailing list, you may login to sign up for future workshops online.