Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Chartwell Wooden Windows can manufacture sliding, or sash, windows with wooden frames. Sash Windows typically slide vertically to open and are often found on Georgian and Victorian-era houses. If you own a property from this era, choosing our wooden Sash Windows would be the optimal choice of window for your property. You’ll get the option for double glazing, meaning you get the keeping while also having an authentic and traditional looking window.

Sash windows typically move upwards to open and have a heavy counterweight embedded within the window frame which is attached to the window via a pulley. Some designs can also feature a simple locking mechanism, designed to hold the window open. While such windows are relatively high maintenance, when maintained they should last for generations without parts needing to be replaced.

As with all of our wooden windows, they are all bespoke, manufactured exactly to your requirements. There are no pre-defined sizes to choose from, the Glazing and framework are all made to fit in the gap for your windows.

Not sure if Sliding Windows are right for you? Why not check out this information on our Double Glazed Windows.

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