{BUZZ!} Celeb Gifting with cupcakeMAG: Suri Cruise Spotted in US Weekly TWICE + Life + Style In Headband We Sent!

We are SO excited to see one of the items sent in our celebrity gifting on the pages of US Weekly magazine – not once but twice! Oh, and Life + Style magazine too!  Bella the Bear participated in one of our celeb giftings {details here; you can too!} and we spotted one of the headbands sent on SURI CRUISE. Yes, as in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. THAT Suri.

US Weekly magazine, September 17th issue

October 1st issue on Page 31 of Life & Style Weekly

October 1st issue of Life + Style magazine

For a small handmade business, this is HUGE news and we couldn’t be more excited for them. Better yet you can score the headband loved by Suri for only $5 over on Bella the Bear on Etsy! Grab it up now before they are gone.

To see more pictures of Suri Cruise in the Bella the Bear headband head over to Celebrity Baby Scoop or pick up any of the magazines!

Wanna gift a celebrity? We are currently offering 20% OFF our celebrity gifting services in honor of spotting products we’ve sent on Kourtney Kardashian + Suri Cruise in US Weekly. Create buzz for your brand NOW.


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  1. says

    Very interested in celebrity giveaway for my new product! When I saw Suri’s tripped out bicycle above I couldn’t help but think she might really get excited about our Pink Sparkle Pogginz ;)

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