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Verballung IV - Sardegna, Cagliari, Piazza San Sepolcro 20.12.2014

- a public performance/urban intervention (December 20 2014) by Frequenzwechsel based on a field work of 4 days through the city of Cagliari. The performance/intervention can be understood as a temporary polycentric sculpture made by the movement of different modules of action. The sculpture is going to take shape over some hours of a performance made of movements, recordings and evaluation of topographic, visual, sonic data —going to be recorded, transmitted, received.

The city of Cagliari will be shown as an agglomeration of variable nodes, while the modules are going to move through it with different speeds monitoring different aspects of the urban territory applying sonification and visualisation techniques of sensorial and locative data. Locative data in particular (GPS coordinates) are used as a basic structure of this virtual sculpture with its center in Piazza San Sepolcro.

“oT”, Eupen (BE) 12/13/19/20/26/27.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 27.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 26.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 20.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 19.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 13.09.2009

“oT” Eupen 12.09.2009

COMPUTING MUSIC VI – TEAM PLAY, Alte Feuerwache, Köln 7.-9.11.08

Installation Kunstwerk 0808


Fotos: Thorsten Schneider