Press Release: New Commentary and Coverage of the National Community Rights Movement from Portland, OR

Weekly commentary and coverage of the National Community Rights Movement by Paul Cienfuegos available now for broadcast

“Paul Cienfuegos’ commentaries go to the heart of defining and prioritizing community rights. He says, ‘We are all living in a corporate state, where it’s difficult to figure out where our government ends and our large corporations begin.’ That is the crucial dilemma We the People face. Paul’s observations are incisive and pithy and are linked to citizen action. Keep listening.”

                                                                   –David Barsamian, Director Alternative Radio  

January 21, 2015
CONTACT: Jen Forti

Did you know that there is currently an ecosystem in Pennsylvania suing a fracking corporation?  Did you know that 200 communities in nine states have already passed locally enforceable laws that strip corporations of their so-called constitutional “rights” in order to protect their communities from harmful corporate activities? If you were listening to our weekly Community Rights commentary you would know that the Little Mahoning Watershed in Grant Township, PA is exercising its right to flourish. How will this case play out?

Since August of 2014, the Community Rights Movement has been the focus of a weekly commentary created by Paul Cienfuegos and broadcast every Tuesday on the KBOO Radio’s Evening News in Portland, Corvallis, and Hood River, Oregon.

The Community Rights Movement calls upon neighbors across the country to join together to elevate the rights of people and the rest of nature above the claimed rights of corporations.

Already available for download through Audioport, by featuring this six-minute weekly commentary on your radio station, you will be bringing the latest news about this exciting new movement in civil empowerment to your station’s listeners. Visit

If you’re a station manager with access to Audioport, find us using the keyword “Paul Cienfuegos”.

If you’re a listener, contact your local radio station manager and request that they begin airing this broadcast.


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