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I've placed links to documents related to Clifton Laboratories kits and papers on this page. All are in PDF format.

Current Kits

Z10000B Buffer Amplifier

  • Z10000B-U covers the broadband or "universal" version of the Z10000B buffer amplifier

  • Z10000B-K2 covers the buffer amplifier version with frequency shaping parts specific for Elecraft's K2 transceiver

  • Z10000B-K2 Installation covers installing the Z10000B inside an Elecraft K2 transceiver.

Note: The following two manuals relate to the Z10000 buffer amplifier original PCB version. Since the circuit and performance of the current Z10000B is identical with the Z10000, I've  retained the Z10000 documentation as it is of continuing interest.

  • Z10000-K2 and Z10000-U buffer amplifier manual is now posted. Version 3.2, updated 04 January 2009 and should be the final version, absent some small corrections. This is a 2 Mb PDF file. The second run (2008) Addendum is available by clicking here. The Addendum material has been incorporated into the main manual in version 3.2.

  • Z10000-U Mini-Manual is now available. This is a shortened (15 pages) edition of the full Z10000 manual, pared down to minimalist form.

Band Pass, Band Reject, High Pass Filters

Norton Amplifiers

Other Amplifiers

Active Antenna and DC Coupler

Other Kits

  • Z10050A Notes on Building a 3dB Hybrid Coupler. This is a 330 KB PDF file with an illustrated description of how to build a Z10050A 3dB Hybrid Coupler from the parts kit available from Clifton Laboratories. Z10050A 3 dB Hybrid for more details on parts kit pricing. This is not a complete kit; the builder must supply an enclosure and three connectors.

  • Z10080A Bypass/Transfer Relay. Assembly, installation and operation of the Z10080A bypass/transfer relay.

  • Z1500A Common Mode Choke. The Z1500A is not a kit, but rather consists of detailed assembly instructions for the user to procure  the necessary parts and build the chokes.

Not Related to Any Specific Kit

Retired Kits No Longer Available

The following kits are no longer available but the manuals may be of continuing interest.

Z90 & Z91 Digital Panadapter

Crystal Test Fixture

Z100 CW/RTTY Tuning Aid