PS Plus: Free Games for Feb 2016

PSN Communication Manager By: PSN Communication Manager

Region/Language: ID, MY, SG, TH.

4 Feb to 2 Mar will be the days when PlayStation®Plus free games and offers on-air. Let’s have a look at what you will have and be ready to download them!

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita top-down shooter “HELLDIVERS™”, which is nominated for Action Game of the Year and Handheld Game of the Year in this year’s AIAS awards, is definitely our fist highlight! Keep one thing in mind – Be careful of the friendly-fire from your friends. It can be more deadly than your enemies’! PS4® game “Nom Nom Galaxy” which mixes platforming, base building, tower defense and good old fashioned monster-stomping is another great game you will enjoy. PS4®, PS3® and PS Vita game “Nova-111” is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action. It is also an innovative one that you don’t want t miss! 

Nom Nom Galaxy


More games and offers are listed below. Check them out!




TORO Lunar New Year Fireworks Theme   ps4

TORO Lunar New Year Fireworks Theme Copyright: © 2016 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.Purchase or use of this item is subject to SEN Terms of Service and User Agreement.

HATSUNE MIKU「MIKU EXPO in Shanghai」PlayStation®Plus Limited Theatreps4

This is the video for the HATSUNE MIKU “MIKU EXPO 2015 in Shanghai”  concert held at Shanghai on June 27 to June 28, 2015. Feel the heat of this live concert (about 2 hours) including a total of 27 songs with this video!!

※The distribution period has been postponed for HATSUNE MIKU「MIKU EXPO 2015 in Shanghai」. Once the release schedule is fixed, we will make another announcement.

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  • Avatar
    MaximCryseria says:

    Finally some good games! Cant wait to play helldivers and p4u. Here’s to hoping march will have good games as well.

  • Avatar
    Sumo_1981 says:

    when will The Witness be available in Asia PS Store?

    • PlayStation Communication Manager
      PlayStation Communication Manager says:

      Sorry Sumo_1981, we do not have the information for this game yet, but thank you for your interest.

      • Avatar
        Kenli-Z says:

        I’m waiting enthusiastly for The Witness in PS Asia Store. One of my top wish list game in this early 2016.

  • Avatar
    mitsuhikoHK says:

    Free helldivers? Ok Free persona 4 arena? Time to buy a ps3 🙂

  • Avatar
    KYJ1205 says:

    Hi, will Firewatch be available in the Asia Ps store?

    • PlayStation Communication Manager
      PlayStation Communication Manager says:

      Thank you for the inquiry, we currently do not have concrete information of the content release date, please stay tuned for our further update.

    • Avatar
      McGowan278 says:

      same here, I’m waiting for Firewatch to come out on asia PSN. Am I the only one here who is kinda upset that most of the games/jrpg on asia PSN are either native language (in my case, Chinese) OR Japanese. No english versions what so ever