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    Under direction of the Chief of Naval Operations, the nature of the Naval Observatory's web sites are changing from their traditional appearance to a portal which combines all of the Navy Oceanography Community's products and services.
    As of 15 January 2009, the U.S. Naval Observatory's products and services will continue to be available at http://www.usno.navy.mil but will be part of a larger portal.

    Current clock displays and lunar phase images which use direct links to tycho.usno.navy.mil may no longer be available.
    DoD customers are directed to our NIPRNet site at https://oceanography.navy.mil. .

    Animated USNO Time in Standard Time Zones

    The Official Source of Time for the Department of Defense (DoD)
    and for the Global Positioning System (GPS),
    and a Standard of Time for the United States

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