SolidTech Services is an exquisite web design company that specializes in personalized branding and design. Our prime aim is to establish websites that are unique, user friendly, attractive and most importantly, to earn other business request. Our clients are offered a variety of services from exclusive logo design to customized website design and tailored e-commerce solutions. We are a reliable organization who takes keen pride in the work we produce, in order to ensure that our clients and all those who we serve are not only contented, but pleased with their end product.

Creating The Most Beautiful Design And Flawless Serviceability Is Our Lifelong Motto.
A website is the face of any eCommerce business as it tells all you need to know about that organization. It is what ‘sells’ the owner or company to any visitor viewing the website as first impression last. A decision can be made from what is impressed on the site’s visitors in whether a business opportunity will be generated or not. Hence, it is deemed important that your website is accessible to users and possesses an exceptional design.

SolidTech is mainly about producing the best for its customers. In doing this, we provide an experience for all users to engage in a browser friendly, custom-built, diverse, manageable and updated online business. All templates are refused in order to ensure that only trustworthy technology is used and all other restricted.

In addition, we are always doing our paramount best to ensure flexibility to your requirements. It may be a case where you request smooth, sophisticated fonts or a strict, no excitements black scribble, interactive or stagnant presentations, or even an overall layout that could be simple or extravagant; we have the most superlative in-house designers who will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure success to your potentially ideal website.

Throughout the process, the requisite time and skills will be put in place to create the most fitting website for your company as there is no limit to work with the SolidTech team.

If you require a website that is fully compatible with all mobile and tablet devises, feel free to check out SolidTech’s Responsive Web Design service.

Using Codes Is What We Are About As Codes Is Where Our Trust Lies.

Creating a website where instructions are easy to understand and finding your way around is smooth sailing is of great importance as this is what attracts possible users/visitors.
We have the capability and potential to offer customized web development to ensure that you are captured with the dream website you have imagined. Therefore, SolidTech develops only secure and comprehensive E-Commerce Web Solutions, Online CRM Systems, Content Management Systems and Stock Control Systems, as well as other beyond your wildest imagination inventions that can be a part of your project.

On a daily basis, SolidTech’s web developers are occupied designing database structures, constructing content management systems, exploring new technology, forming platforms, frameworks and text editors that use the latest techniques that can bring life to our designs.

It is not only about industry language for us as our developers are always engaged in superb daily activities creating new developments! Each individual who is a part of the team possess the talent/skills to develop the ideal website for you. There is no doubt in how competent our team is.
There is no need for being preoccupied as all you need to do is leave the language of coding to our developers. If there is any concern or issue, we are here waiting to assist you the best we can so please do not hesitate to give us a call right away.

In order to adapt to the upward curve or improvement of mobile usage, a website should demonstrate flexibility to adapt to its view based on the device being used.
The platforms to browse your website varies in screen sizes, therefore you will need a responsive design system as ours that is equipped to animatedly modify its design to fit any screen. Without questioning you are enlightened to the fact why this is decisive for any website.
Media queries are put in place to track the device accessing your website and to rearrange your website accordingly. In addition, this not only identifies the screen size of the mobile device, but can hide large images or videos to increase page load speeds. For example, if a website is browsed on an iPhone, our responsive design will accurately determine the max-width and resolution of the screen and provide a smartphone display variation in both landscape and portrait viewports. As a result of this, a professional first impression and an optimum perusing experience for any who comes in contact with your home page will be made.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that all that you require is done with just one website so the previous issue to update multiple website no longer exists. Isn’t this just great?
We are always on par with our work and make these options readily available to you. Go ahead and contact us today and see which option(s) applies/apply to you.


The Game of Sell, Sell, Sell!

In reality, making a website that ‘floats’ around in cyber space looking pretty is of no use to any business – it is of utmost importance that your website realises a ROI and promotes your services / products in the best light.

Since our reputation is always on the line, we are that company who will go the extra mile for your success.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works like a billboard to direct business through your website. Through choice keywords, SEO campaigns aim to attract your target market and associate them with your business.

In short, we research and select the most relevant keywords for your business to get it noticed.

If you are still unsure on what exactly SEO is, the video below is a helpful ‘How to…’ guide into the mind Google, and how it selects which website to feature in the ‘Top 10′ vital spaces on

If you slip off page 1, it is guaranteed that you are missing out on potential business prospects. So, as always, we recommend you come to us. We have the time and patience to make sure your pages stay amongst the top search results and your business gets the attention it deserves.

For your added piece of mind, SolidTech obey the guidelines of Google to provide any customer honest, optimal results. Through a well-planned marketing campaign, WebBox aims to inject any business with the right, sustainable online exposure.

We select adaptable SEO packages to suit all businesses and budgets. Please get in touch to see which SEO will fit your marketing ideas best.

Pay Per Click (Adwords)

Pay Per Click (Adwords)

Results You Can Count On (as Easy as PPC)

If you want a more immediate boost to business, we can set up and manage a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign outlining a clear strategy. We can rush your website through to a position of search engine visibility within 24 hours – beating the weeks or months of waiting to get results through more organic methods.

Because the explanation is in their name, Pay Per Clicks’ are very easy to understand: every time a link to your website is clicked, you pay for the advertisement. It’s as easy as that.

Check out the visual aid below to see what we’re talking about:

Email Marketing

The Power To Earn At The Click Of A Button.

Over half of internet users check or send email every day – Why not give them one more?

Email marketing is a highly-sought method of online advertising due to its speed and targeted reach. Through Email marketing, you can talk directly to a lot of people in a few clicks without wasting time or effort (on the condition they opt into your mailing group.)

We have systems in place to give you full control over your mailing lists, user groups and reporting. With our tools, we can provide you with the expertise and software to track your audience and measure the response rate very accurately.

Each email campaign can be tailor-made to fit your ideas from the initial design right down to the choice of words you want before we click ‘Send’. What is more, we can tell you how effective the campaign is through statistics on opens, clicks, conversions and an exact return on investment (ROI).

We offer a flexible framework in email marketing packages and provide our service on either a monthly or one-off email basis with prices varying to manage all budgets.

To let SolidTech manage your email marketing campaign or discuss pricing, please get in touch today to speak with a member of our marketing team.

Social Media

Instantaneous Connection.

Social media is on the up! With big names like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Linkedin – each website already has registered users in the hundreds of millions.

Because we believe attention from online communities is good for any business, we like to put social media into all of our marketing. Through the interactive marketing services of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, our social media management will increase interest to your company to provide great exposure within minutes.

Almost half of all retailers claim to have found at least one client solely through Facebook and nearly every website has some link to social media. For an added bonus, your customers can get directly in touch with you and give you the best feedback.

Social media is a worldwide opportunity and, if you are missing out, contact SolidTech today to discuss how we can help.


Solution and Tutorials

award-winning website solutions include a variety of integrated online
tools and services including website design , web marketing and ecommerce services specifically
designed for small business owners that don’t have design or technical expertise.
With our experienced technical support team, web design and web marketing skills , SolidTech makes it fast and
easy to have a online business , increase your website traffic, sell online, and stay
connected to your customers and prospects. You simply won’t find a better value
for your money!


Supporting You Every Step Of The Way.

After you have journeyed with us through the process of making a website, maintaining and updating your pages can be unbelievably daunting, especially for those of us who already have a long ‘to do’ list.

Still, it is important to keep your website up-to-date to make sure your customers / browsers do not grow bored of your company and, perhaps more importantly, to prove your business is still ‘alive’ and so avoid the many penalties of an outdated website.

So… if you are finding it difficult to keep your website up to date, call us today and you might be surprised how effective our monthly maintenance packages can be.

Here is a short list of the things we can give you on a regular basis:

• Uploading text and images.
• Product entry and price updates.
• Maintaining and managing business newsletters.
• Releasing or updating sales/coupon offers.
• Installing the latest software and security updates.
• Creating regular backups of your website.