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In 2003 when a senior citizen asked a middle school student for help because the mobility-impaired neighbors living at his independent living facility could not leave their apartments to learn how to access the Internet so they could send emails to their grandchildren, Net Literacy was born. Eleven years later, 4500 student volunteers have spent 100,000s of hours as we have used technology to increase digital inclusion and digital literacy to 250,000 individuals.  As said by the middle school student that founded our organization, “while one person can make a difference, at Net Literacy, together we can change the world.” Today, Net Literacy is:

Student Leadership

We were founded by a middle school student and his friends who used their money for the start up our nonprofit. We remain a “student empowered” organization of social entrepreneurs where students comprise 50% of the Board of Directors, set our mission and priorities, write our own grants, and students perform all of the volunteering and community services.

Building Community

Through partnerships with hundreds of organizations, including national and state agencies, socially-minded corporations, schools, public libraries, and other nonprofits, our Digital Literacy Corps of student volunteers have donated more than 39,000 computers increasing computer access to over 250,000 individuals. We student volunteers do all of the work and donate all of our equipment and services without charge.

Service Learning

Through service learning, we students learn and gain by helping others. Our programs increase student success by teaching leadership, STEM, job, and life skills.  One person at a time, we go where the digital divide is the greatest and work hard to make a difference in our communities.

National Impact

We have been at the forefront of those impacting national policy by writing white papers, co-hosting digital literacy summits, and working with national and international associations that promote broadband adoption, digital literacy, and innovation. The Federal Communications Commission called and interviewed us as they crafted America’s National Broadband Plan. Three of our programs were highlighted as good practices in the Nation Broadband Plan that was presented to Congress.

International Adoption

We have traveled from Australia to Hong Kong and from Europe to Africa meeting with nonprofits, ISPs, and government agencies while promoting digital inclusion and digital literacy. Our DigitalLiteracy.org “best practices” site has received the endorsement by Internet associations representing 270,000 Internet companies on six continents.  The EU Commission on Digital Inclusion named us as “one of the most promising good practice initiatives” in the world.  Nominated by Intel, Computerworld recognized Net Literacy by awarding us the 21st Century Achievement Award.


Our six programs have received dozens of awards, including from two American Presidents, because of the difference that we have made impacting more than 1,000,000 individuals.  Learn more by clicking on “About Us”.

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