You can go on any number of websites and for under a Tenner get yourself a domain name, but is it the right one? Remember a Domain Name may be cheap but think of how much time and effort will go into promoting your new domain both online and offline.

Our short and sweet Top 10 Tips to Buying a UK Domain Name gives you a little nudge in the right direction when making that important decision.

1 – Caution!!!

Be careful when using websites to search for possible domain names. Try and stick with the major players such as or as you are safe in the knowledge that they are reputable companies and won’t do anything underhanded register the domain name before you and try and charge you an extortionate amount.

2 – Make sure it’s yours

Ensure any domain names are registered in your companies name or in some instances the Managing Directors Name. For more information on the pitfalls of having a domain name registered to the wrong person please read Protect your Domain Names or Loose out.

3 – Make it a

Your Primary domain should be a if you are marketing to the United Kingdom as this will give your prominence on search engines over international companies with alternatives such as .com

4 – Keep it Short

The longer your domain name is the more chance there is of someone making a typing mistake and ending up at the wrong site and as a result a potential lost sale.

5 – Keep it Alpha Numeric

When giving out your email address or web address over the phone people always get confused with hyphens and end up with any of the following – _ / `~ \ | and again end up at the wrong site. If at all possible stick to a website address made up of just letters and numbers.

6 – Say what you do

If your Company Name doesn’t clearly state what you do then look for a suitable domain that combines what you do with your company name. Often on the internet peoples first encounter of your company is it’s domain name and if this clearly represents your company you can be sure more people will use it.

7 – Say it aloud

You want people to recommend your company through it’s website and pass along email addresses. Test any possible domain names with colleagues or worst case say it aloud to yourself, by doing this you can help reduce choosing a domain name that is easily misspelled or takes several attempts for people to write it down.

8 – Say it with Numbers

As the number of available domain names reduces daily it can be a struggle to find a suitable one. Consider using a Number rather than it’s written alternative.

9 – Check the .com

If you find a suitable domain name don’t forget to check if the .com is available. If it is you should definitely consider purchasing it aswell, even though this won’t be used as your primary domain it can be linked to your and ensures no one else buys it and if anyone should mistakenly put .com rather than you will still get the visit or email

10 – When you’re stuck

If you’re unable to come up with any suitable domains that are available don’t forget to check some of the sites which are unavailable. Many domain names have been purchased but never used, as a result it is sometimes possible to contact the owner and ask if you could buy the domain name. Sometimes the owner will be reasonable, other times they will request an extortionate amount of money.