Monday, August 17, 2009

1 year anniversary almost

I had the atlas proceedure done in September 2008 and here it is the end of August 2009 so it can be rounded off into a year.

I remain convinced that the atlas profilax treatment is a no brainer. I believe that it was the catalyst that has resulted in my increase of energy, ease of movement, increased range of motion and all of this without the debilitating pain in my joints and muscles. Don't get me wrong there is still residual feeling at times in all the old places and I imagine at my age for the rest of my life. But I can run and jump, work and play without the sharp pains that say stop, lay down and die.

I took up a new hobby that reflects my new found health. at 58, ok I'll be 59 next saturday the 22nd, I've taken up Judo. So I literally run and jump. The first time I did a forward roll I got up a bit dizzy, but now I can do them with the kids. Falling backwards on purpose felt so alien at first, now they are easy. I know that practice makes perfect but to do it without pain that's the trick. My body needs to do something physical like this. It craves full body activity and I haven't been able to provide it for my body because it has been hurting so much over the past 20 years. It literally feels like I've gotten 20 years younger.

I believe that I can now go into my next 20 years acting and feeling like a kid, playing with my grandchildren and before you know it great grandchildren. That has been my goal forever but now I can easily visualize it happening.

ps I just went back to the first post and the exact year anniversary is September 7th. So it's still 3 weeks away.

ppss The last post before this new one was from Melissa. She's our adopted daughter and I thought you should know that she's about 25, I think. It's the guy thing not remembering ages and birthdates. I love the way the muscles respond after having the atlas put in place. She complained to me about 4 weeks ago about her wrist and forearm hurting because of her job. She described it as a constant throbbing carpal tunnel pain. I massaged her wrist a little but then just thinking out loud, I told her that the source of the pain is probably up her in your elbow, I held onto a muscle there and she said that the pain in her wrist stopped instantly. I had hit the source. So I spent the next 10 min working that area.

I talked to her the next week and the pain had not returned. I talked to her just a couple days ago and it still has not returned. I'm naive enough to believe that without the atlas profilax the pain would have returned the next day and it would need constant attention.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I went to see troy on March 5, 2009 because I had extremely bad muscule pain going from my neck into my shoulder for the last 7 years. The last three years it was hurting almost every day. I tried shots, massages, and physical therepy. Nothing helped. The day I went to see troy it was hurting so badly I could barely hold my head up. When he was finished I had no pain. It amazed me because the massages I had gotten in the past didn't even faze the pain. The pain has not been back since! I also had restless leg syndrome, burning in my c-7, tons of tension all the way down my back, and many migrains. I no longer feel any pain in my back and have not gotten a migrain since. I have felt little pain in my legs but nothing like it was before! I had a hard time standing up because I had a fractured disk in my lower back. I honestley could only stand for maybe at the most 3minutes before it would become very uncomfortable and I would have to sit down. Guess what... I can stand again without it hurting! I am very excited because I have been to doctor after doctor trying to find something to help. I got different answers from every doctor and all they wanted to do for me is give me a bunch a pills that never helped. The pills cover up the symptoms but never helped the problem. Troy did and I love the way I feel!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things have been happening though unsaid


I've been to a multitude of chiropractors and my body has become better than all of them put together. I feel my body making adjustments all the time. I feel my body becoming straighter and stronger all the time. As soon as my body makes a new adjustment I then see that there was still improvment to make.

Since I last wrote my body has been working on my upper back and shoulders. The focal point has been inbetween my shoulder blades manifested by a pretty good soreness in the muscles on both sides of my spine. The pain in that spot has mostly disappeared with the revelation that there is a great freedom in the movement of the whole of my shoulder joints. It's pretty cool.

Somewhere along the way the process will heal my lower back and hips which is a pretty weak area. There has been some work done there but my body knows when that area should be addressed. The whole process is a slow one for me and I suppose for most as muscles strengthen and equalize.

Like I said several posts ago my goal was to take all my children and grandchildren to have their atlas placed. During this last week I took our adopted daugther Melissa and her son Bridger. In a few weeks I'll have them post their feelings and experiences.

Bridger was a lot more cooperative than his cousin Auzhel. He squirmed a bit, probably due to his attention span rather than discomfort. He sat by himself and allowed Troy to work on him with just a little bit of reminding.

Melissa had the same responce to the treatment as all the other adults. She felt a sense of posture and release of tension. On the way home she did express the feeling that some of the tension was returning. We saw them the next night and the intensity of tension had not returned. I imagine that at times the intensity will return for a brief reminder but not remain.

I continue to recommend to all who are seeking a more permanent healing process to have the Atlas Profilax treatment done to them. It's out of the ordinary and that's probably why I embrased it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Latest up date on my physical reaction

I've experienced just more of what I have been saying from the first. 

1. My Atlas is still in place because of my range of Motion.
2. My shoulders, arms, hips, knees, ankles etc. all my joints have experienced an increased flexability.
3. I've been feeling my vertebra working it's way down my spine. I first felt my vertebra from my C7 upward, very sensitive to the touch. After that went away it moved from my C7 downward feeling a gradual increase in mobility. Now I'm feeling it in the middle of my back, a lot of extra cracking, just like a chiropractor would do. I'm now my own chiropractor.

These reasons alone make the whole experience well worth while and well worth the cost.

I'll expand on the last Blog

My daughter - JoyAnna wrote the last blog. I wrote about her and my grandson two entries back. But it was so amazing when I took my two granddaughters to see Troy. I took them on Dec 20, 2008. My Granddaughter just jumped up on my lap and wanted to tell her story so here it is.

I felt really happy but I afto  idmit I was kind of scared  because I didn't  know what he was going to do  to me then when he told me to lhy down I felt really good then when I got in the car I felt asome it made me feel really cool after he was done with me.

Aubrey is 9 years old and she read a 4 page Christmas story for our Christmas party this morning and here she is typing her experience, pretty cool.

But back to Dec 20. I expected Aubrey to behave like a young lady and she did. I expected her to believe that what we were doing to her was in her best interest. She did talk to her older brother Bryan, he told her about what would happen to her but still experiencing in person is always different.

What was extra fun was to see how Troy was able to work very patiently with my youngest hard headed granddaughter Auzhel and how he was able to win her over and get her atlas put in place. The 1st 10 min was spent trying to get her to cooperate so he could assess her Atlas which wasn't real easy but he did it. The assessment was interupted by Auzhel wetting on her mothers lap. So off to the car to change her pull ups. 

In the mean time Troy got to work on Aubrey and things went smoothly with her. She did mention afterwards that there was a little bit of pain that she wasn't expecting getting her atlas in place but that it was over quick enough and wasn't so bad especially with the out come. It was interesting in that Aubrey is a dancer and when we mentioned it to Troy he told us that he had a professional dancer in earlier that morning and she said she could feel improved balance immediately. 

Auzhel was back and once Aubrey was finished we went at her again. Auzhel  jumped up on my lap and so I was asked to sit with her while Troy worked on her. I sat down and stood Auzhel on my legs with my face in her belly and my hands holding her up. Who knows why that worked but she then allowed Troy to work on her and he made quick work of it. 

Troy is a very sensitive and accurate practioner I recommend him to anyone.

Atlas adjustment

I have been so happy with the results from my adjustment. For as long as i can remember i have lived with constant tension and pain in my head, neck, and shoulder blades. During and right after i couldnt believe how good i felt , no more constant pain and headaches. All three of my children ages 12, 9, and 3 got it done, and troy was very good with them. All our results have been amazing and continue to get better eveyday 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

profilax update -DeeAnn

One night while I was sleeping I was awakened with severe pain in my left foot and ankle.  This past May, I broke my left ankle and I experienced a lot of pain in the metatarsal area on the top of my foot between the ankle and toes in addition to the ankle pain.  I had sprained the right foot as well at that same time.  Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and my left foot was really hurting.  I could barely stand to move it.  I gingerly rolled on to my side and carefully positioned my foot so that it was protected by the blankets.  It felt like it did when it had been broken.  In the morning, upon awakening the pain was totally gone!  I was really surprised!  I also noticed that the bunnion on my right big toe prior to the profilax would be dry and hard.  After each shower I would scrap it and try to get some of it off. About 2 weeks after the profilax it was quite soft and rubbed off with the towel.  Likewise the small bunnion on my left little toe has almost disappeared!  My skin was quite dry and itchy before and it is much better.  

Since last I recorded what's been happening I have experienced several things.  One day while at school I got a pain in the middle of my but cheek.  I was having difficulty getting up and down and walking for a few hours.  Later that day the pain was gone.  I also have felt tension in my neck and shoulder muscles periodically but, they seem to come and go rather than stay for days.  I have been sleeping better without waking up with a dry mouth.  Before I guess I snored a lot but my husband reports that has almost disappeared!  I am feeling more rested in the mornings.  There have also been a few mornings when I have gotten up that my hips feel a little stiff and like I am about 90 years old.  However, after walking around a little it disipates.  I have had more energy to do things in the afternoons after coming home from work.  Before I would come home make dinner, do a few errands and be ready to just rest for the remainder of the evening.  I have been plagued with neck and shoulder pain for years, and I am enjoying the process of those days being shorter in duration and also less frequent.  In years past working in the schools and being around sick kids I would be getting sick quite often.  This year I have felt a few syptoms, taken airborne and haven't had to miss any work!  I think this is a great benefit.  About ten years ago with all the stress in my life I got mono and was down in bed for about a month.  My immune system was really compromised and I have been working hard to build and strengthen it ever since.  Inspite of all the things I was doing I would still get sick several times each year.  So far this year I am still illness free!  I am looking forward to the continued process of the profilax treatment results as it runs its course.  It is great to be feeling better!
I am excited to see how the profilax treatment will help our daughter and grandchildren as well.  They both expressed how painful it was for them to experience the initial treatment.  But, they both have expressed how much better they feel.  Next month we are scheduled to have to more grandchildren done.