It’s not unusual to find yourself struggling to obtain the right domain names. After all, there are millions of names currently on the Internet, so there’s always a chance that someone has beaten you to the ones you want. There’s no need to give up, though.

Use’s search tool’s search tool is a great way of checking if a name is still available. You can use the tool as many times as you want. You can also use some simple techniques to increase your chances of finding the ideal name.


When singular domain names aren’t available, try the plural version. This may not work if a plural distorts the meaning of a domain, but may be worth trying.


Many people substitute numbers for words when sending text messages. You can do the same with domain names. This technique not only gives alternatives to domain names that people have taken; it also shortens names and can make them more easily remembered. For example, use 4 instead of “for”, and 2 instead of “to”.


Finally, consider using abbreviations. Just ensure that people who come across any condensed words in your domain name are likely to understand what they mean. Bear these tips in mind next time you’re looking for domain names with They can make your search a lot easier.

Bear in mind that your choice of domain determines part of your email addresses, and for each domain name with you will need a web space to get your site online. With as host for your domain, you can create an unlimited number of email addresses, protected against spam and virus on a secure web space with daily backup.