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Month: February 2016

The Reason Why More Parents Are Considering Private Institutions For Their Kids

In terms of education, a lot of parents prefer just the finest regarding their young children. A child’s education is without a doubt quite significant for their very own future. Mothers and fathers usually wonder whether or not a public or private program is the best strategy to use. Many mothers and fathers would desire having their young children go to a private program as an alternative to some sort of public program. The Private schools Richmond VA offers supplies a quantity of chances. Listed below are a handful of benefits of these kind of distinctive schools.

First of all, the particular bar is actually set a great deal higher for the young people at private educational institutions. In all honesty, nearly all public educational institutions normally expect rather less from the scholars within them. Having said that, with private educational institutions almost all kids are usually anticipated to do more. Private school instructors frequently assign a lot more work and even grade on a considerably more stringent level. With that being said, in the event that you’ll rather not have your son or daughter do the bare minimum, Richmond VA private schools could be the more sensible choice.

Secondly, the student to teacher ratio throughout private educational institutions is commonly quite a bit better when compared with public educational institutions. Essentially the most well-known problems with public institutions tends to be that there aren’t enough mentors for the individuals who attend. In some instances, you will discover 30 individuals in one class with one tutor. Even so, with private facilities points usually are a great deal different. A standard private school could have about a single educator for every 12 students.

Additionally it is vital that you note that lots of private educational institutions generally have many course options in which aren’t going to be observed somewhere else. The Best private schools in Richmond VA usually present many advanced placement lessons together with quite a few one of a kind extracurricular activities. Individuals should have access to superior establishments together with greater tools for learning.

These are merely several of the benefits moms and dads will expect to see whenever enrolling their own children in private schools. Once again, a parent or guardian could expect to have their own child pushed a whole lot harder. Furthermore, smaller classes may allow enrollees to have a more effective learning experience. And finally, the actual unique possibilities in private educational institutions tend to far exceed that of public institutions.

seven domain name brainstorming tips

  • If you are a local business, include your town or location, for example, if is already taken you could consider
  • Include your name in your domain name. might be taken, but what about
  • If your business is going to be centered around you and your personality, for example if you are a coach, or a therapist, using just your name is an option also, for example
  • Combine two words to make up your domain name. Sometimes when they start and end with the same letter, your domain name might look a bit odd. For example alive essence together becomes For readability you could include a hyphen in the name; If is also still available it might be useful to also register that domain name. Both domain names can then be pointed to your website, and people will then end up there whether they type it with or without the hyphen.
  • Think about synonyms, if is already registered, maybe heavenlychocolate is not? You can use a synonym generator such as to generate ideas, or use one of the tools listed in our post on domain name tools.
  • Have a look at all the different domain name extensions that are available nowadays. For example, one of our clients recently set up a website under the domain name It is sometimes possible to be creative with the extension and include it in your name. Or you can make a subdomain part of your domain name, and in this way still use the word you had in mind. An example This can get a bit complicated but is certainly creative, and might work work really well in certain cases. There are also several tools that help you find these more creative solutions, read more about them in our post on domain name tools.
  • Think of a new word! Many terms that are so common in use today were not known words before someone thought them up. Think of Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest. If it short and it sounds and feels good, it might be just what you need.

7 Important Tips on Domain Management

So, you’ve decided to try making money from domaining the way other people have successfully done. The problem is that you don’t really know much about domain management. Should you hire a webmaster and let him do all the work? Should you outsource your domaining activities and let a third-party company manage your domains and websites for you? The answer: You should do neither of these options!

You need to realize that there are now a good number of domain registrars that offer ample support in the management of your domains. Furthermore, there are domain services experts like Lawrence Ng who’ve gone before you and from whom you can learn a lot about managing your domain information. There’s really no need to blindly trust another person or company with your domains when it’s easy enough to learn the ropes yourself.

Here are seven useful tips you’d want to bear in mind when you start out in the field of domaining:

1. The Process of Domain Name Registration Is Simple

The very first commercial domain name was registered in March of 1985. By March of 2010, the .com TLD had 84 million registered domain names. The main reason why the number of registrants has grown so much is the ease with which one can register a domain name. You can sign up for an account at a domain registrar of your choosing. Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information, with the information fields typically taking only a few minutes to completely fill out.

As soon as you’ve completed this step, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the registrar to verify your new account. If you’ve ever signed up for anything online, then you’ll know that this is standard procedure with practically any site. As soon as you get the confirmation email, you can add your registrar to your “safe” email contacts list to make sure you receive all communications they may send. Registrars usually send “Help and Support” information links via email, so it’s best to make sure you get these emails.

2. Never Let Someone Else Register a Domain Name for You

It may be convenient for you to let a son or nephew who’s well-versed in anything that has to do with the Internet to register domains on your behalf, but that’s not really advisable. For one thing, YOU should be the one primarily in charge of managing your domains, and this begins with the registration. When you’re the one taking care of registration, you’re less likely to forget details such as when you registered a particular domain name, how much you bought it for, and which registrar you chose for that name. In the same way, you should be the one carrying on conversations with your registrar/s, especially in terms of help and support.

3. Consolidate Your Domains

Since your plan is to earn a decent income through domaining, it’s only logical to assume you’ll be buying and managing several domains at a time. It is often smart to shop around and register your domains with different registrars, depending on who offers the best price for a particular name (provided their services meet your requirements, of course). The problem is that it can be a bit difficult to manage several domains registered with several different registrars. The solution: consolidate your domains on a site like DomainCentral.

This kind of site allows you to view all of your domains in just one table. The best thing is that you see not just the name of the domain, but also their respective registrars, the expiration dates, the respective renewal options offered, and other important details. Seeing all of your domains in one place certainly makes it a lot easier to manage them!

4. Get Familiar with WHOIS

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is currently in charge of all domain name registrations. As such, they require all accredited registries to comply with WHOIS database requirements. This means your registrar is required to submit the information they get from you to the database whenever you register a domain. Your listing will then appear on the WHOIS public directory where anyone who cares to check will be able to view it. Make sure you know what your rights and responsibilities are as a domain registrant, per the guidelines of ICANN.

5. Every Domain Name Registrant Has Access to WHOIS Privacy Services

It’s understandable for you to be concerned about the fact that your personal information will be made publicly available on the WHOIS database. You’ll be glad to know, then, that WHOIS privacy services are offered to every registrant who wants to mask their personal details for whatever reason. Most accredited registrars also offer privacy protection services. If privacy is a major concern, then you’d do well to make sure the registrar you choose offers these services.

6. Adopt The Habit of Registering for Multiple Years

Domain registrations are generally valid for a year, but many registrars give you the option of registering your domain for multiple years. This strategy is also known as “locking” your domain so it cannot be transferred to another registrar without YOU unlocking it. It also helps ensure that you retain ownership of the domain for as many years as it is registered for, unless you decide to sell it. This also saves you from the hassles of yearly renewals and keeps you safe from spammers and hackers.

7. Keep Your Contact Information Current

Whether you choose to use privacy protection services or not, it’s always a good idea to keep your contact information updated. After all, your registrars will want to keep in contact with you for important announcements and updates, so you’ll need to make sure you won’t have any problem receiving communications from them.

When you get right down to it, it’s really not that hard to learn the ropes of domaining. As long as you’re open to learning, you’ll soon find it easy enough to manage your domains on your own. Of course, it’s still advisable to get assistance from others, particularly those who know their way in the field, but the key word should be ASSISTANCE. The primary role of management should still rest on you.

10 Top Tips to Buying UK Domain Names

You can go on any number of websites and for under a Tenner get yourself a domain name, but is it the right one? Remember a Domain Name may be cheap but think of how much time and effort will go into promoting your new domain both online and offline.

Our short and sweet Top 10 Tips to Buying a UK Domain Name gives you a little nudge in the right direction when making that important decision.

1 – Caution!!!

Be careful when using websites to search for possible domain names. Try and stick with the major players such as or as you are safe in the knowledge that they are reputable companies and won’t do anything underhanded register the domain name before you and try and charge you an extortionate amount.

2 – Make sure it’s yours

Ensure any domain names are registered in your companies name or in some instances the Managing Directors Name. For more information on the pitfalls of having a domain name registered to the wrong person please read Protect your Domain Names or Loose out.

3 – Make it a

Your Primary domain should be a if you are marketing to the United Kingdom as this will give your prominence on search engines over international companies with alternatives such as .com

4 – Keep it Short

The longer your domain name is the more chance there is of someone making a typing mistake and ending up at the wrong site and as a result a potential lost sale.

5 – Keep it Alpha Numeric

When giving out your email address or web address over the phone people always get confused with hyphens and end up with any of the following – _ / `~ \ | and again end up at the wrong site. If at all possible stick to a website address made up of just letters and numbers.

6 – Say what you do

If your Company Name doesn’t clearly state what you do then look for a suitable domain that combines what you do with your company name. Often on the internet peoples first encounter of your company is it’s domain name and if this clearly represents your company you can be sure more people will use it.

7 – Say it aloud

You want people to recommend your company through it’s website and pass along email addresses. Test any possible domain names with colleagues or worst case say it aloud to yourself, by doing this you can help reduce choosing a domain name that is easily misspelled or takes several attempts for people to write it down.

8 – Say it with Numbers

As the number of available domain names reduces daily it can be a struggle to find a suitable one. Consider using a Number rather than it’s written alternative.

9 – Check the .com

If you find a suitable domain name don’t forget to check if the .com is available. If it is you should definitely consider purchasing it aswell, even though this won’t be used as your primary domain it can be linked to your and ensures no one else buys it and if anyone should mistakenly put .com rather than you will still get the visit or email

10 – When you’re stuck

If you’re unable to come up with any suitable domains that are available don’t forget to check some of the sites which are unavailable. Many domain names have been purchased but never used, as a result it is sometimes possible to contact the owner and ask if you could buy the domain name. Sometimes the owner will be reasonable, other times they will request an extortionate amount of money.

How to set a domain’s name servers to point to A2 Hosting

When to set your domain’s name servers

If you already own a domain that you purchased from a different registrar or hosting company, you can change the name server (DNS) settings for the domain so they point to A2 Hosting’s servers. (Billing and domain administration remain with the domain’s current registrar.)

Setting your domain’s name servers

When you change a domain’s name server settings, you must specify at a minimum a primary name server and a secondary name server.  This ensures that there is at least one alternate server available to provide DNS information about your site if one of the servers is unavailable.

The correct name servers for your domain depend on the type of account you have, and which A2 Hosting server hosts your account. The Welcome e-mail you received when you became an A2 Hosting customer provides the name servers that you should use for your account.

For example, shared hosting accounts use,,, and as their name servers.

Almost all domain registrars provide a control panel where you can manage a domain’s name server settings. If you are unable to make these changes, contact the domain’s registrar and ask them how to change your domain’s name server or DNS settings.