My trees are sold in lots of 5 with flat shipping of $6 per order under $25 and free shipping on all orders over that amount. I can cut miniature trees for any size or design so let me know if you have a special request. If you want to send me pictures of the trees you are trying to mimic I am happy to find the closest match for your layout. I cut the armatures when each order is placed. I can get them for you any time of year although orders might take a little longer during cold winter months. Just order the size you desire with the buttons on the page below and if you have any questions send me an email.

Miniature Trees for Scale Model Layouts

5 Narrow Miniature Trees Sagebrush 2in-5in” price $8

5x Miniature Trees Narrow 4in-6in -$11
5x Miniature Trees Narrow 6in-9in -$16
5x Miniature Trees Narrow 9in-12in -$20
5x Miniature Trees Narrow 12in-15in -$45
5x Miniature Trees Narrow 15in-18in -$55

I am sorry but i am not able to ship internationally at this time.