Mastering technology and media content for extraordinary visual impact

A propos Kenzan


In 2006 a group of engineers, visual artists and creative minds decided to rethink how to combine media with display technology. Our first realizations were tactile screens, light mapping, interactive interfaces and screen mosaics.

In 2011 we created our first holographic display, and started developing this unique media platform. We then created 3D holographic displays, double screen holographic displays and the Kenzan Himalia, a totally transparent holographic display.

In 2015, we pioneered the world first holographic display made of cardboard, the Kenzan Mercury, and developed the Real Virtuality platform with our partner Artanim, by combining Virtual Reality headsets with a motion capture installation.

Because details matters, we have our own creative talents, 3D visual artists and experienced cinematographers to create media content perfectly tailored to our displays and to your needs

Our company mission

We seek to create enchantment among your visitors and clients. Regardless of the format – pure 3D content, holographic displays or virtual reality headets – our aim is to create the best-in-class experiences and a lasting impression in our viewers’ minds.

This is made possible thanks to our well rounded team, comprising creative directors, visual artists, soft and hardware experts, as well as our well developed network of industrial partners. Let’s create magical moments together!