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HPMMSupport is a group of very talented former employees of eXegeSys, Inc. We are committed to the continued support of the Manufacturing, Maintenance and Financial Suite of applications that was designed, developed and supported by Hewlett Packard Co. during the 1980's and 1990's. This suite of software was acquired by eXegeSys, Inc. in the mid 1990's. During the ownership by eXegeSys, the software was enhanced and expanded. The eXegete Client was built and designed to interface with the application suite to support a graphical user interface (GUI) and the modernization process was begun.

With Hewlett Packard's decision to stop selling in 2001, and subsequently to reduce or stop supporting the HPe3000 computer family, customers have been forced to seek alternatives.

Customizer Technology (CT) was (and still is) an incredible concept when it was designed and implemented. The ability to deliver the same object code product to every customer in the world is simple, until you understand that each and every customer had built a different environment. CT allows the application to be changed to the way you do your business and not force you into the rigid model as designed and developed by the vendor. CT also allowed the system administrator to add data definitions to screens and databases without modification of the base application. With the use of "User Exits" (externally developed libraries) customers could add site specific functionality to the application. The great benefit of CT is that after making these modifications, allowed by Customizer, you still could receive support from a World-Class support organization, implement application updates and enhancements without losing any of the changes you had implemented. A highly trained consultant or support engineer would need to review the screens and databases to acclimate themselves to the site specific changes implemented before being able to provide services effectively.

A Yahoo discussion grouphas been available for all customers since 2001. There has never seemed to be much interest in holding discussions on that platform. This was totally understandable with the high level of support provided by eXegeSys in the past.

These applications have supported a very much diversified group of users from governments, sports clubs, job shop manufacturers, process manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Many of these have migrated to other applications. Our goal is to continue the process of high quality support for those organizations that have either not been willing or able to move to another platform and application. We knew the application when it was designed, and we are aware of how customizations have allowed the application to change.

The software suite includes Manufacturing Management (MM), Purchasing (HPPO), Maintenance Management (MNT), Production Management (PM), Financial Management (FM), Production Cost Management (PCM), Standard Cost Management (SCM), Financial Budgeting (FB), Financial Accounting (FA), eXplan (Planning and Resource Constraints), and eCOM (Sales Order Management [MOM]).

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