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Fan Studio FAQ
What is Fan Studio?
The Wikia Fan Studio is a private, online collaboration space where fans like you and the creators of the products you love — the brands — come together to share ideas. In the Wikia Fan Studio, your ideas and feedback helps drive real decisions, shaping products and services that will benefit other Wikia fans.
How is the Fan Studio program used? What are some examples of Wikia Fan Studio Projects?
Projects span a broad range of collaborations — from the creation of mobile apps, live event programming, to custom video development, and more — all aligned to the types of entertainment fandom that gets celebrated on Wikia. Regardless of the particular project, our fans’ personal information is never shared with collaborating partners without your express consent. Your anonymity is vital to ensuring the legitimacy and success of the Wikia Fan Studio program.
How can I participate?
The Wikia Fan Studio is invitation-only. It's a privilege to be able to offer this type of access to relevant Wikia fans. The program looks for strong community members - superfans - who are subject matter experts and positive collaborators within their Wikia communities.

If you think you think you fit these criteria, send an email to Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d be a great fit for a Wikia Fan Studio project!
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