Friday, May 4, 2012

CrossFit for Nope

Well, this whole "Regionals are actually pretty cool and the coverage is pretty great" thing was getting a little tiring and definitely putting a damper on my ability to talk gobs of shit on how crazy and ridiculous CrossFit HQ is.

Then this happened.

crossfit for nope.

Here's the back story: There's this charity event called Fight Gone Bad, you may have heard of it.  CrossFit got pissed that the company behind Fight Gone Bad was doing horrible things like supporting the Livestrong Foundation, donating money to the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and, apparently, The Dark Side.  To save us from such an evil plan, HQ started their own Fight Gone Bad event without realizing that making a carbon copy of an existing event just because you want to isn't entirely legal. 

To get around their slight legal issues, HQ gives us CrossFit for Hope, which I don't really know much about.  Luckily for all of us, HQ is pretty good at marketing and they sent out copies of the above posters to every affiliate in order to promote their new event.

What's the poster tell us about CrossFit for Hope?  Well, apparently it has something to do with prostitutes pulling around the bodies of sick, puking, dying children.  Shit, the poster doesn't even say anything about what cause CrossFit for Hope is supporting, but I guess it's my fault that I don't get it.

well, according Russell Berger, the Co-Director of the Games/Greg Glassman's personal spokeshole...

So what does this poster tell us about CrossFit HQ?  There isn't a single person involved in that organization that says "Hey, maybe this isn't a good idea".  No one is willing to question the course of action they decide to follow.  Sometimes this ends up being fine (the entire Regionals coverage and events are pretty cool), and sometimes they end up making huge fucking mistakes that they refuse to apologize for even though anything more evolved than a single celled amoeba can tell they shit the bed (like the 2012 Open).  

Then they do things like this and show us all that no matter how shittily they program some events, or how useless the certification machine is, they can always delve more and more into the darkest depths of amorality by not only insulting every child that's ever been sick, every family that's gone through the horrors of that sort of experience, and the people who make their livings by helping those children and families.  On top of that, they're also alienating the group of people they expect to help support their cause by saying that we don't get it because we're not tough enough.

I think I speak for everyone when I say this: we're all really fucking disappointed by your idiocy.

Don't support CrossFit for Hope, because they won't learn their lesson if we just accept this as normal.  Instead, support the group at the heart of the matter.  St. Jude's is a pretty sweet organization, and if you're itching to make a donation, do it directly by following this link.


  1. 100% agreement. I'm a former St Jude patient who lives outside Memphis. My take is that HQ can hug a root. Why does everything have to be some big production with them? Sponsoring a worthy cause is great but don't photobomb the sick kid you're supposedly trying to help. Pick a charity, run your event and raise money. Give the money to the charity and STFU while doing it. There were many celebrities in the late '70s / early '80s that visited the St Jude kids and gave monetarily to the cause. I met NFL players and Shaun Cassidy (Google it Armen) while hooked up to an IV drip. I'll take those guys any day over the clowns from HQ walking in my hospital room.



    "Did you mean cross fit
    No results were found for crossfit on or related St. Jude sites."

  3. Maybe boxes can start doing their own personal cancer fundraisers, making it even more clear to HQ that we don't agree with what they're doing while still including cancer fundraising as an important part of the Crossfit community. Dogtown in Culver City does its Crush Cancer WOD every year as a fundraiser for cancer research. HQ has a bad habit of taking something that could be great and making it laughable or in this case, disgusting.

  4. Glassman should actually work out.

    1. He's too busy cashing Level 1 cert course checks

  5. I'm a new fan of the WODcast Podcast, and happy to stumble upon your blog. Thanks for doing what you do.

    My 5-year old son spent his first 3.5 years on the planet getting regular chemotherapy for a very rare condition known as LCH. I'll spare you the details as you can imagine how difficult a situation that was for us. But my boy is alive, healthy and disease-free now because of a remarkable group of people who are the ones on this planet that I truly consider "elite".

    From my perspective the poster art is a distraction, not a deal-breaker for those who would consider participating. If Crossfit HQ will yield more fundraising by organizing the Hope event, vs. a few dozen CF boxes with axes to grind, then Crossfit HQ gets my attention, my support, and my reps. The goal is to channel max funds in the direction of St. Jude's...period.

    Yes, maybe the poster art is another example of how CFHQ does things that piss people off. And yes, Glassman is missing the point that lack of context is a huge problem with an image like that. If he had to explain himself to shed light on the poster's purpose then it's a fail regardless of how moved he was by his personal experience. Either way it's no reason to abandon such a potentially huge event. Maybe have a box-wide poster art contest to come up with your own image for the event. Show Crossfit that you support great ideas (and this is a GREAT idea) but you won't put up with parts of the idea that are bullshit.

    Something to consider if you're going to do your own event...make the WOD Fight Gone Bad instead of Hope. I've done both for the first time in the past two weeks. In my gym we've seen Hope scores come in at about 60% of the average person's FGB score. Assuming a lot of fund raisers will have people who donate x$ per rep completed, FGB will yield more funds simply because the workout will generate more reps on average. Obviously that's just based on a fraction of my single gym, so it would be interesting to see if the same holds true for others. My FGB score was 239 (don't laugh I'm not a firebreather). My Hope score was 130.

    P.S. Hope is not exclusively a Cancer fundraiser. If you choose to do your own thing please consider at least supporting a Childrens' hospital like St. Jude's vs just Cancer research. Do not mistake that as insensitivity toward Cancer patients. But the volume of support for Cancer vs. disorders and diseases that are far more rare is gigantic. HQ's quest for funds to support a wide range of illnesses (including but not limited to Cancer) is huge and is a very important detail that shouldn't be overlooked.

    Thanks...sorry to ramble.

  6. I'd encourage everyone to look at the Amanda Miller Memorial Wod. We're doing it with the blessing and support of the family, 100% for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Same idea - CrossFitting for Cancer research. But, on behalf of a person with a name and a story and without the gore.

    1. Every sick child has a name and a story...even the gory ones. Some people have no choice but to live with the gore. Maybe you should consider exposing yourself to more gore, so your experience isn't so distanced. Just because people are more comfortable when they are not exposed to the reality of disease, it shouldn't make it preferable or more correct to avoid it.

    2. I understand the gore of cancer. Have seen it first hand.

      That being said, when I did the 31 heroes WOD I don't recall cartoon images of suffering/dying soldiers to promote the event, do you?

    3. Nope...and Im not saying that gory images are required in order for an event to be worthwhile. But when you suggest that an alternate event is preferable because you dont have to be confronted with gory imagery, you are way off base.

      You have a choice to use whatever artwork you want...if you use any artwork at all, which many boxes won't.

  7. Are you fucking kidding me? I thought you made this poster as a joke. Of course Glassman saw the nurse this way... wearing fucking thigh highs and heels. Asshat.
    Reis, I am more bothered by the busty short dressed thigh-highed nurse pulling the damn wagons. My daughter and I live in children's hospitals, that shit doesn't happen and just ads to the ridiculousness of how the kids are portrayed. And reveals how Glassman looks at women and seems to be OK with this being "accurate." However,Reis, I'd agree with your stance on going with the greater good here.
    This is the same man I heard respond in person, to a veteran, asking about how crossfit would still help the military and veteran population now that FGB was over, to which he replied "we have done a lot, and we have done enough. It's time to move on." (with CrossFit for Hope)
    Rrriigghhht. P R Disaster. Glassman should actually CrossFit and STFU.

  8. There is no larger puppet than Russell Berger. He will argue black is white until he is blue in the face all in the name of HQ. The man has no credibility or soul, a complete embarrassment to the community.


  9. What a waste of time to bash a charity event. The poster is part of the promotional materials but it certainly does not verify or account for the outcome/actions of the promotion. How retarded is it to judge the vent by the poster? I'd say its on par with deciding the quality of a book based on a poster. Do you think a sick child gives a shit about a poster promoting an event thats raising funds for research into their sickness? The enemy here is idiocy and you're spreading it like an untreatable viral infection.

    1. I'm not "bashing a charity event". I'm criticizing the thought process behind the marketing of a charity event and, in turn, criticizing the organization that thinks marketing like this is a smart idea. In fact, I linked St. Jude's direct donation page in my post because this isn't about them, it's about how bad decisions get made when there are no checks and balances in place to prevent them.

      Here's how you market something to CrossFitters: play up their vanity. "You're the most charitable people in the world, let's prove it again with this event" or "Put your elite fitness to the test while you also prove your elite charity". If their event had been marketed correctly (as in, without leaving a bad taste in anyone's mouth), I'm confident CF would have far exceeded their goal instead of not even being halfway there at the time of this posting.

      As it is now, they started this whole process off with something that alienated at least part of the group of people they expected to help it, and that just doesn't make any sense in any situation. This decision (and what it means when applied to other aspects of their business) is what I'm writing about.

      Thanks for reading.

  10. Forgetting the debate about whether the poster is good or not perhaps its worth taking a look at why it is that we find it inappropriate to represent sick kids as sick kids? (Obviously the nurse is out of place).

    1. Because they're fucking KIDS.
      If this was intended as a piece of artwork, to be analyzed and thought over, perhaps depicting sick kids as sick kids would make sense. However, as a promotional poster meant to drum up support for a cause, it's completely insensitive and repulsive and every other descriptive a million other people have posted.
      I read another comment that pretty much put this issue to rest. According to the line of thinking when creating this poster, if it were for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, perhaps we should create a poster with a bunch of mangled Marines on there right? I mean, if that's what the event is supporting, we shouldn't be afraid to show it right?

  11. what everyone is failing to see, is how well the poster really worked! look at how many people are talking about this cause now!!! just saying... everyone is so DAMN sensitive.