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February 3, 2007 [WEIRD THING] :: [CHANGING HOSTS]

Yes. Read the title. Erm.... oh. Wait.... Ok. First:
I stole this and made it look weird!

Yeah. Ok. The changing hosts thing. Well, you know those pesky ads on Lard.5u.com? Well... THEY'RE GONE! YES SIR (or ma'am)! I found ANOTHER web hosting service and I also used the handy Co.Nr URL shortener to make a whole new sensation: LARD.CO.NR!!!!!!! w00000000t!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! Yeah, also, I'm still going to be updating Lard.5u.com, unless if Lard.Co.Nr starts to really work well, then I'll just stick with that... Well, there.

January 23, 2007 [LINK TO US (Me)] :: [WEBPAGE MAKING!!]

HAHAHAHA..... I haven't updated the site in awhile.... IM SORRY. Well... anyways... YOU CAN LINK TO THE SITE NOW! YES! w00T! Ok, just copy and paste this onto wherever you wanna put it. kOoL ALRIGHT YEAH tHiS roX mAN... OH YEAH um, GIVE ME IDEAS for my site too! Give me cool ideas that I can use!!

Also, if you want me to make you a website, just ask me at cheesylard@hotmail.com. I'll charge you a buck if I don't know you, and no charge at all if I know you.


Umm, YEAH!!!! LARDS ENTERTAINMENT IS HERE! Umm, yeah.... my friend (Brandon) made a website!! w00t!! Go Brandon!! YAHH... ANYways, he put together some cool videos from YouTube, like music videos, funny clips, cartoons, and THE WILLIAM HUNG!! I linked to it below and on the navigator.

OMG! Tons of updates here. Well, I made tons of partnerships with other website owners, which are Lard's Entertainment (Brandon Davis) and Rtheone.net (Rtheone). If you want to be a partner of our website, give us your web address and either register on our forum, link to us and/or do something to contribute to us. If you are a partner, I will link to your website via the link navigator (Left-PC Top-MAC) in one of the categories depending on what your website is about.

LOLOLOL ANOTHER UPDATE!! I made a new layout!!! YESSSs... As you can obviously see, we have a green background (Photoshop) with some creepy music and links and poo and armpits and all sorts of stuff with a new logo!!! YAAAA im CRaaaAzYYYYzzyyyYYY CUZZZzz EVVERRYYy THINGSSzz NEEEWW YAYYA

November 18, 2006 [IMAGE MAP]

I was browsing the web and I stumbled across this Image-Map thing. I uploaded the logo, and you could put links on different sections of the logo! so like, It's a new way of navigating! Try it out! Just hover the mouse icon over the Lard.5u.com logo and it will link you to different sections on and off the site! I put it on every single page of the website (except for the forums).

November 14, 2006 [CHAT ROOM]

Hey, I made a chat room, it's at the bottom of the page, you dont really need to register or anything! Just go ahead and chat! Awesome! I'm STILL looking for a toolbar, none of em look too good.....maybe i can just put up a side links page.....

September 14, 2006 [AWW, MAN!]

Well, nothing lasts forever! Toolbar went down... Oh well.. I'll try and find another toolbar when I get the time(lots of homework)

August 26, 2006 [TOOLBAR]

Well, I got a (not very good) toolbar.. PokéBeach inspired me (If they want me to take it down, then I'll take it down) , so yippie!!! Just email me at cheesylard@hotmail.com and tell me if theres something wrong with it (I already found one XD) so, well, hopefully it'll help! YAY!

It also seems like it changed the fonts and stuff. Well I like it, so IT STAYS!

July 30, 2006 [UPDATE]

Tremaine said I should update the site, so I did. Happy, tremaine? And there are some screenshots coming up on the forums from him too. HAPPY?????? Lol.

June 24, 2006 [NEW PAGE]

Hey, everyone! Instead of cluttering the news section with runescape pics, I just made a page with everything on it! It's here.

June 20, 2006 [PINK CLAN- RUNESCAPE]

look, the pink Clan!

June 14, 2006 [FORUMS!]

HI! I made a message board!!!! Register NOW!!!!!

June 7, 2006 [SOMETHING COOL]

Hey, everyone! I have something annoying for you guys to look at. Don't worry. It isn't dangerous. The link to it is right here.

April 12, 2006 [CHEATS]

Hey Everyone! Well, I was kind of bored and decided to put up a cheats area. Woo Hoo!! Click Here.

March 2, 2006 [EWW, LARD!]

Do you want to know what lard REALLY looks like? Well, then.

Isn't it horrible? Yes, I know.

February 17th, 2006 [LARD.5U.COM OPENS]


Today, for some reason, I have decided to look at the iPod today. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? yeah.... I like it..... it rocks. Its's so sleek... and shiny......What!? I said we were going to LOOK at the iPod. Not TALK about it. Jeez, Everyone already knows about it.

Now thats out of the way...


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