Quality Policy

Flying Steel knives and spikes are engineered to resist breaking and bending.  Items that fail are restored or replaced.

  • Tip Damage - item is restored by Flying Steel when length is within 0.4" of original length (see note 1).
  • Breaking - item is replaced by Flying Steel when the length is reduced by 0.4" or more (see note 2).
  • Bending - item is restored or replaced by Flying Steel when the warp is 0.03" or more (see note 2).

Our quality policy does NOT cover the finish, surface damage, scratches, corrosion, or handles.  However, restoration services are available.  See throwing knife use and care to understand more about the durability of our knives and spikes.


  1. Original length is the length at time of sale.
  2. Replacement item may be new or refurbished.
  3. Policy is void in the event of abuse or intentional damage.


  1. Buyer must contact Flying Steel. 
  2. Buyer must ship eligible damaged items to Flying Steel. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses and risks.
  3. Flying Steel will remedy and return eligible items within 6 weeks.


Privacy and Security

Your name, email, and shipping info is stored on our secure server and is never disclosed. Your payment info is encrypted with SSL technology and is never stored on our servers.


Notice to International Buyers

Our success rate for international deliveries is over 99%.  However, once a package departs the US, we have no control over its whereabouts.  For this reason, we cannot be held responsible for the actions or inactions of non-US customs or postal officials.  We ship international packages with instructions to return to sender in the event of refusal.  We will refund all merchandise payments for all items that are refused and returned.


Terms and Conditions

Knife throwing is inherently dangerous.

SELLER is Flying Steel, Tempercraft LLC, its affiliates or any officer, director, employee, subcontractor, agent, successor or assignee thereof or its affiliates.

ITEM is any item or content published, listed, illustrated, manufactured, sold, gifted, shipped, or delivered by the SELLER.

USE OF ITEM(S) is viewing, purchasing, initiating or receiving shipment, possessing, owning, reselling, gifting, or using any ITEM.

BUYER or USER is any person, party, or entity engaged in USE OF ITEM(S).

BUYER or USER expressly warrants that he/she is over the age of 18 and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding the USE OF ITEM(S). BUYER or USER expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SELLER for any and all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the USE OF ITEM(S).