Neuroscience Program

Undergraduate Program

A major in Neuroscience enables students to pursue a curriculum in several departments, colleges, and schools at Temple University in one of the most dynamic areas of science. Learn More.

M.S. in Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity

The M.S. in Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity provides highly advanced training and faculty-mentored research in a rapidly evolving field. Learn More.

Graduate Specialization Program

Any graduate student enrolled in a Ph.D. program can participate in the certificate program.  Learn more.

Neuroscience Research

Many neuroscience faculty members conduct research funded from external sources such as NIH, NSF, foundations, and industry. Learn More.

hemorrhagic stroke
neurons of the human brain
X-ray skull picture
small MRI scan picture

About the program

The Neuroscience Program in the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University, directed by Dr. Vinay Parikh, PhD has as its primary goal to foster interdisciplinary academic programs on the brain and nervous system. The affiliated Center for Neuroscience has a mission to facilitate and expand neuroscience research at Temple.

The scope of the Neuroscience Program and the Center for Neuroscience includes the entire multidisciplinary domain of neuroscience — from brain and nervous system structure, function, evolutionary history, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology to brain and nervous system relationships to cognition, emotion and other behaviors and to the cultural, social, and environmental forces that shape brain function.

Located in the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University, the Neuroscience Program is a vibrant center of scholarship, research and teaching.

The mission of the Neuroscience Program also extends to postdoctoral students and faculty members, with an aim to facilitate interactions among neuroscientists and coordinate multidisciplinary research and teaching activity.