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Quiltshack - Authorised Australian Gammill Dealer- Home


Authorised Gammill Dealer Australia

74 Edith Street, Wynnum  Q  4178




As quilters,... We want to enjoy the entire process...... we want to sew and create beautiful quilts.



The ability to finish our own quilts without hours of pinning, tacking or the frustration and pain of pushing a large quilt through our sewing machine is a realisable dream using a Gammill Quilting machine.

  • Using a frame to pin our layers onto..... no more back breaking pinning on the floor
  • The ability to move the machine with ease on tracks that make quilting effortless.....
  • Not having to quilt at a high speed, giving us more freedom to create
  • Stitch regulated stitches looking beautiful all the same length - no short or long ones...!
  • Having a large quilting area to work in
  • Drawing with thread to quilt the layers together,  and have fun doing it
  • Using printed patterns and a laser to help you make some fabulous quilting designs or using a computer guided system to make your quilts look exceptional first time - every time.

These are only some of the things that make quilting on a long arm machine fun, enjoyable and very satisfying - not to mention addictive...

If quilting is your passion ... what are you waiting for...?  

From new machine quilters to professional quilt artists, there are certain things we all expect in a long arm quilting machine.  

Gammill Quilting Systems deliver on all of these expectations and more:

  • ease of use
  • durabilty
  • exceptional stitch regulation
  • quality 
  • simple functions that help us when we are quilting
  • continual improvements
  • adaptability
  • longevity 
  • the ability to upgrade
  • after sales service and support
  • useful accessories
  • expert training
  • long term value and investment for the future
  • custom size tables
  • range of machine sizes to suit your needs
  • software upgrades
  • custom colour personalisation with a range of colours available...


It's the old saying - you get what you pay for.  

So don't waste any more prescious quilting time by putting off your decision to buy your Gammill....  

Don't waste money on a quilting system that you know is not really what you want.

Buy it once.....  Buy a Gammill.....

Use it..   enjoy it.. and quilt joyously for life.









The quilter's choice in quality long arm quilting systems now has a base in Brisbane.  

Quiltshack is an Authorised Gammill Dealer based in Wynnum Brisbane.  Based in our sister store:




We have a range of demonstration models in-store ready for you to come and see how much fun it really is to quilt on a Gammill or Statler.

As Gammill trained owners and quilter's ourselves, we would love to help you realise your dream to own a Gammill.  

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us via email sales@quiltshack.com.au . 

or please visit us at our store:



Quiltshack - River City Sewing Machine Centre

74 Edith Street, Wynnum  Q  4178

 Ph:  07 - 3393 5575



Happy quilting..