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Why a Network?

Within Kent there are a multitude of different bodies operating along the coastline and many of these are undertaking work that may be of interest to some or all with a stake in the coast. The challenge, with such a diverse range of stakeholders, is disseminating this work out to all the relevant organisations. The Kent Coastal Network assists with this by linking the stakeholders and raising awareness of Kent's coastal activities.

Aims of the Network

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  • To improve communication between stakeholders
  • To increase awareness of activities
  • To facilitate working in partnership
  • To provide a platform to discuss common issues

Network activities

The establishment of a network of stakeholders - the Network has a large established base of members, representing different organisations from many different sectors including:

  • Coastal local authorities
  • Coastal groups, projects & partnerships
  • Regulators & agencies
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  • Ports, harbours & coastal industries
  • Recreation
  • Conservation & wildlife
  • Heritage & archaeology
  • Universities, research institutions & consultants
  • Coastal societies & parish councils
  • Land owners

The Network members and their details can be viewed on the members page.

KCN image Email updates - To keep members up to date with Kent's coastal activities, an email update is sent to members once or twice a month and provides:

  • updates on the network's activities
  • news and events for the Kent coast and other items of interest from the UK
  • requests for information from other members.

Any member can use the email update to inform the network of news and events, simply by passing details on to the Kent Coastal Officer.

Website - This website has become a vital information portal for Kent's coastal stakeholders.
The benefits of the Network's website include:

  • Providing a channel for dissemination of information
  • Improving communication
  • Raising awareness
  • Providing a platform for information on Kent coast*
  • Assisting in making email update more concise
  • Providing the Network with an identity and roots

*Kent Coastal Project Register this part of the website is a one stop shop for accessing project information and uploading details of projects.

This excellent resource has been developed by a cross sectoral steering group which came together in 2008 to examine an integrated approach to the issues facing the Kent coast.

Working groups - the Network represents many different stakeholders and can therefore serve as a facilitator for getting people together to discuss common issues.

This was the case with the Personal Watercraft Working Group between 2004 -09. The Group was established following a workshop that identified the need for collaborative action on personal watercraft management. The group included: local authorities; regulators and safety authorities; coastal partnerships; environmental bodies; ports; yachting and recreation clubs. A code of conduct was produced which encourages riders to use their craft safely and responsibly and also how to reduce their impact on Kents natural environment. For updated copies of the code of conduct, contact the Coastal Officer.

In 2009, the Integrated Coastal Action Working Group was established to assist with greater integration on the Kent coast. Terms of reference for this group are available on this website. The group consists of a cross section of organisations; areas of work include the monitoring the Kent Coastal Project Register and inputting into the Kent Coastal Conference. The group meets four times a year, anyone is welcome to contribute subjects for discussion or attend.

Kent Coastal Conference - the conference provides Network members with a wide variety of presentations and an opportunity to discuss related issues. The conference acts as a showcase for the valuable work and activities taking place along Kent's coast.

Details of the conference will be made available from the events page.

Benefits of Network membership There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of the Kent Coastal Network, including:

  • The opportunity to promote your activities to a wide range of coastal stakeholders
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  • Improved awareness of coastal activities in Kent
  • Working with others to address Kent's coastal issues
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Reduced duplication of effort
  • Opportunities for partnership working and funding
  • Shared resources and costs

Becoming a member of the Kent Coastal Network

You can register as a member of the Kent Coastal Network from this website - see the New Network member page. Alternatively contact the Kent Coastal Officer on

You can also contact the Kent Coastal Network at:
Address: Kent Coastal Officer, Kent County Council, E&E, Invicta House, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XX
Telephone: 01622 221266

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