The advent of the Internet, advancement and innovations in the world wide web, the buying and selling of products and services through electronic medium, the movement of services to the cloud (cloud computing), and the likes have changed the way we live, work, learn and do businesses. There is hardly any field of human endeavor today without substantial web or online presence either for information or transactional purposes.

Such developments and advancement in cyberspace as electronic commerce (e-commerce), electronic payment (e-payment), electronic governance & electronic government (e-governance/e-government), electronic learning (e-learning), electronic trading (e-trading), electronic health (e-health), electronic agriculture (e-agriculture) have exposed a yawning gap for Law practitioners and other professionals with sound knowledge of the cyber world.

To address the identified gaps in this new and emerging area- Cyberlaw, we have established a Centre with a clear mandate amongst others, to groom a generation of cyber savvy and proficient Law Practitioners relevant to this new digital society. Furthermore, and in collaboration with various stakeholders we aim to shape the development of Internet law and policy in Nigeria to meet the evolutionary needs of the current knowledge economy and information age.

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